Hotfix Installation Guide

Hotfix Installation Guide

Hotfix Installation Guide

If a Technical Support Representative has provided you a download link for the latest hotfix files, download them onto each computer that runs Kennel Connection. 

Step 1. Close Kennel Connection on all computers, then go to your main computer and run a backup of your database before proceeding. If you are unfamiliar with running a database backup, click here for instructions. Please note: This is important to do before proceeding in case of any issues during the hotfix process.

Step 2. After the backup has been completed, you'll need to save a copy of the files that will be replaced in the C:\KC7 folder on each machine, in case you run into any issues during the hotfix. These files are listed below. You will want to copy them and place them in a separate folder for safe keeping: 

Step 3. We normally suggest starting with your main computer where the database is hosted; however, if you have workstations that are highly used and need minimal downtime on those machines, you may start with those computers first. KC MUST remain closed on all computers until the hotfix has been completed on the first computer. Extract the hotfix files, if you downloaded a zip folder, by right clicking the zip and selecting Extract All in the menu. Once it unzips the files into a folder, copy them and paste them into the C:\KC7 folder, replacing the files in the destination. Once the files have been replaced, it is safe to open KC on the main computer and continue working. 

Note: *To minimize downtime, once you install the hotfix files on your first computer AND open KC on that computer, it's safe to start using KC again on that machine only. As you progress in updating other machines, KC may be used on those machine after you're done updating them.

Step 4. If you have secondary workstations, KC must remain closed on them until the same file replacement steps have been taken as on the main computer or the first computer you started with. You can open KC on the workstation after replacing the files, then move onto the next one until it's been done on all computers. This will minimize downtime and allow you to continue working with minimal interruption.

Step 5. Since you would only be receiving a hotfix if you reported an issue and it has been fixed, once the hotfix has been completed, you can then test the issues you reported. If you were able to reproduce these issues on demand with the same steps every time, try them again and see if the issues have ceased or if they continue. If they continue, please reach out to the Kennel Connection Support Team any time Mon-Fri between 8am-5pm EST by phone at 888-486-4343, option 2 for Support. Or you can open a ticket by sending an email to at any time and you will receive a reply the same day or, if it is outside of business hours, during the next business day.

Rolling back to your previous version if the Hotfix fails:
If your hotfix fails for any reason and will not allow you to open Kennel Connection afterward, first, restore the files you backed up and replaced from the KC7 folder. Once the originals have been restored, try opening KC. If it fails, you'll need to restore the backup you created using the following instructions here.

After restoring your database, with KC closed everywhere, you'll need to take the files you saved in a separate folder earlier and put them into the local C:\KC7 folder on each computer. KC will need to remain closed on all computers until the files have been put back in place on every machine, as even opening on one workstation will adjust the revision number back to the hotfix version if KC is opened before the original files are back in place. Once all computers have had the files replaced, you are then safe to use KC everywhere.

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