Creating a database backup

Creating a database backup

If you're looking for instructions on how to upload your database to support, click here: Uploading your database to support

Creating a database backup is easier than ever.

(Must be on KC version 7.07.18 or newer for this utility. If you do not see this option in your KC desktop, please click HERE for the old backup instructions.) Your version of KC will be displayed in bottom right corner.

IMPORTANT: Due to SQL security restrictions, you MUST backup from your host/server machine and you cannot backup to a network drive

From inside Kennel Connection:

Click on the utilities menu option at the top and then choose "Backup & Upload". 

If you're just creating a backup and have not been requested by support to upload a copy of your database, you can either click the browse button and choose a folder of your choice to send the backup to, or by default it will use C:\KC7\backups folder. Click "Backup" to create a full backup of your database. 

When done, you can close or click to view your backup file. 

Some suggestions for backup storage: 

  • For low cost computer file/folder backup check out a service like Carbonite or similar.  With services like this, you can choose which folders (or all your folders) you want to be backed up to their cloud storage. Make sure to choose the folder where you're storing your Kennel Connection backups. This way if anything happens to your local hard drive, you can retrieve backups from their servers. 

  • If you would prefer not to spend extra money on a backup software, you can always utilize an external USB hard drive or thumb drive to backup to. Note that when you plug in one of these external drives, it should show you what drive letter it's using. You may need to look in File explorer under "This PC" to locate the drive letter. When you run the backup utility, make sure to choose the external drive/folder. We recommend unplugging this drive after you take the backup for safe storage.