Backing up your Kennel Connection database

Backing up your Kennel Connection database

Backing up your Kennel Connection database

We strongly recommend that you backup your database regularly.  We have supplied a Backup/Restore utility within your software to aid you in the safekeeping of your data.  For KC7, the file that contains your data is called WKENNEL7.MDF and also has a separate log file called WKENNEL7_LOG.LDF.  These files can be stored in either the KC7 folder or in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\Data folder.  If you do not choose to use the backup utility provided by us, there are other backup programs and these are the files you must copy and save.

Warning:  These files, when attached to a SQL Server, are locked.  If you are using an auto backup software that backs up these files and other files on your computer, it may or may not backup your data properly.  We highly recommend using a utility that will run a full backup of your SQL database.  

Important:  Software Connection LLC. cannot and will not be held responsible for lost or damaged data.  It is your responsibility to backup your data.  A utility has been provided with your software to aid in the backup of your data.  If you need assistance with this utility, contact technical support at or 1-888-486-4343 x option 2.

For restore instructions, click on Restoring Kennel Connection 7 database

It is highly imperative that you backup your database at least once a week.  However, backing up every day is ideal.  If your computer crashes and it has been a week since your last backup, you will need to re-enter a week's worth of data.  The only methods we support are the Backup/Restore utility found on your computer with an installation of Kennel Connection. 

The Backup/Restore utility provided with your software will create a .BAK file and store it on the drive you select.  It does offer you the option to also create a zip file.  The backup utility does not compress the SQL database.  As you use the program, your database file will grow, resulting in the possibility that you may eventually need larger storage medium to hold the backed up file.  We recommend creating and storing the compressed zip files as they take up less room.  (Note that if you backup more than once a day, do not use the "create zip file" option as it will overwrite your other backups from that same day.) You may also decide how many backups you want to store.  Seven to fourteen days worth is common.

To backup your database

Make sure the Kennel Connection software is closed on all computers.  This includes Kennel Connection, Timeclock and BCSLive applications.  KC7 is a SQL database only.  SQL databases must be backed up from the main/server computer.

Launch the KC7 backup/restore utility by right clicking on the file and choosing "Run as administrator".

Windows 7 users:  Click on Start, All Programs, Kennel Connection 7, Backup/Restore utility, right mouse click and "Run as administrator".

Windows 8/10 users:  The Backup/Restore utility is located on your Start Menu under Kennel Connection 7.  If you cannot find it there, press the Windows key + S on your keyboard to bring up the Windows search.  Type in "backup" without the quotations and right mouse click on the Kennel Connection 7 Backup/Restore Utility and run as administrator.

Click on "Backup the database" tab.  Choose the drive (destination) you want to backup to.

Please note:  We strongly recommend backing up to an external drive or flash drive.  Backing up to your local C drive may produce permission errors and not allow the backup to be created.  In addition, if your computer crashes and you are unable to recover any files, all of your backups to the C drive will be lost.  When you plug the external drive into your computer, it will popup a message and tell you what drive letter it is using.  Choose that letter as the destination with the arrow keys.  If it does not popup, open "Computer" or "This Computer/File Explorer" to find the drive letter.

Important:  After you have completed the backup, unplug the external drive.  Viruses and ransomware can also infect any plugged in hardware.

Press "Backup the Database" button at the bottom.

The utility will now connect to and backup your KC7 SQL database.  This will be a full backup of all data from the time the utility was run.  Backups will be called KC7SQLDate.bak or KC7SQL02192017.bak for example,

Once you get a successful message, you may start KC.

Important Notice:

Kennel Connection gives you the ability to attach pictures or documents to pet and client cards.  These files are stored in the KC7 folder on the main/server computer, in the Pix and KCDocs folder.  The Backup utility does not backup these folders.  It is important that you copy these folders onto your flash drive periodically.  Depending on how often you add pictures and documents to these folders, you can do this weekly or more often.

If you use the signature pad, those files are stored in the Receipts folder in the KC7 folder on the main/server computer.  The Backup utility does not backup this folder.  You will need to copy the folder to your external drive periodically.

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