Live Access setup guide (Detailed)

Live Access setup guide (Detailed)


Kennel Connection Live Access Setup Guide

**This is a detailed setup guide that includes step by step instruction. If you would prefer a basic setup guide, please click here to redirect: Kennel Connection Live Access Basic Setup Guide** 


Welcome to the Kennel Connection Live Access Setup guide! Live Access allows you to access Kennel connection functionality on a computer, phone or tablet anywhere you have Internet, while also giving you the option to allow your customers to make online bookings and track upcoming appointments with the integrated Client Portal and Online Reservations!

This is a state-of-the-art software that brings the freedom of cloud/remote access to your existing Kennel Connection software all while still letting you remain in control of your own database. With instant synchronization from your local desktop Kennel Connection to Live Access, anything done on your desktop software at your business is instantly available in Live Access from wherever you are! Unlike other cloud software, with Live Access, your database is still stored safely and securely on your desktop computer, and is still available to you in the event of an Internet outage. This is your business and your database. At no point should you ever be without it!

If you are ready to get Live Access setup for your business, please proceed to the guide below.



*Please note that update assistance and update support for any issues stemming from the install is available Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm EST.

Please use this guide to setup Kennel Connection Live Access for the first time. Please take your time and read/review each step as once you setup Live Access, your account will be created with the information you provided.

Part 1: Installing the very latest Kennel Connection update.

You must install this update on ALL computers running Kennel Connection but the Live Access setup is only done on the server/host computer. 

Follow the below update process to update your Kennel Connection 7.0 to the very latest KC update.

A. Close your Kennel Connection software on all computers and move to the host/server computer.

B. Backup your Kennel Connection database. (This is a major update so backing up is very important!! Do not proceed without backing up.) Please run the KC backup utility and then verify the backup was created on the drive you specified. If you’re unsure how to use the KC backup utility click HERE.

C. Once you’ve verified the backup completed, please download the very latest KC7 update using the following instructions found Here

D. When the download completes, locate the downloaded file and run it. (normally in downloads folder) or depending on your web browser (Chrome at the bottom left, Firefox in upper right)

IMPORTANT: If you are double clicking the update file (or any downloaded file) and nothing is happening, you must unblock the file first. Simply right mouse click on the file, choose properties and then click unblock. Click OK and then run the file.

E. It may take a minute to calculate free space. When it’s complete, the “Next” button will light up. Please click Next. (Note that screen shots in this article may not be identical version # to what you're installing.)

F. The update will now install. Please be patient as depending on your computer speed, it could take a minute or two.


G. Once the update completes, please click “Finish.”


2. Please now install this same update file on each computer running the Kennel Connection software. DO NOT SKIP THIS. If you only have one computer with KC, proceed to Part 2. 


You have just completed part 1 of the Live Access setup! Please remain on or move back to your host/server computer and proceed to part 2 below. 

Part 2: Configuring your Live Access System

  1. Open Kennel Connection on your host/server computer. Then click Utilities, Live Access.

  2. Then click “Try Live Access, Free for 30 days!” to get started.



3. The setup wizard will open. Please read through each screen before proceeding. When ready to proceed, click Next.

4. Read through to learn about the plan/offer and click next. (A shopping cart window will open with the product          already selected. Please be patient while it opens/loads.)

5. IMPORTANT: This next screen will bring you to your shopping cart with the Client Portal/Live Access already added.

    - Verify the quantity is 1. 

    - Verify the total is showing as $35/month

    - Scroll down and click "Proceed to Checkout".

6. If you have a current/active support contract with us and know your credentials, please click the "Returning Customer" link and login. If you don't know the credentials, please click the "Lost your Password" link on the login screen, follow instructions to  reset your password then try again. Be sure to double check the quantity and make sure it's still "1".

If you need assistance with resetting your shopping cart password, please visit this article: Resetting your shopping cart password.

7. Verify the total, enter your CC details and click "Sign up now"

8. Once the transaction goes through, you will see a success message appear in Kennel Connection that you can continue the setup of Live Access & Client Portal. Click OK to move to the next screen. If the transaction does not go through, please contact 



9. Choose your unique web address. This will be the address that you, your employees and your customers use (if you choose to use the Client Portal program.) Please carefully read the instructions on the screen. Once you have chosen your web address and confirmed its availability, click Next.




10.  Now you must create your administrative login. Please use a valid email address that you have access to along with a password that only you will know. Read through the instructions carefully and when ready, click Next.

11. You’re now ready to install the Live Access components to your computer. This should take just a few seconds to complete. Only Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari (mac) are browsers that are supported. If you do not use one of these browsers, click the “Help with Live Access browsers” link on this screen before proceeding to download a supported browser. Please read all instructions carefully and when ready to proceed, click Next. You will see the components being installed. Please be patient and do not click.

12. When Live Access has finished installing, you will see a success message. Please click OK.





13. Your default web browser will now open automatically to the login screen of your new Live Access system.

NOTE: If you see this screen:


You are using either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Microsoft EDGE as your default browser. You must switch to Chrome, Firefox or Safari (mac) to continue. If you don’t have one of those browsers, either click one of the buttons or click HERE to get instructions on downloading one of these supported browsers and instruction on how to set it as your default browser.

UPDATE 6/10/2020: The new Edge (Chromium) browser does function with Live Access. If you're unsure whether or not you have the old Edge or the new one, the new one will have an icon like this:


14. Please login using your email address and password you entered during the setup process.


15. Once you click “Login”, you will be taken to your Live Access Dashboard. This is the landing page for Live Access and gives you an overview of your schedule data. This completes the setup/install process. You can now use your own unique URL to access your database from anywhere, on any device that uses a supported browser.




Here are some Live Access & Client Portal links that may be helpful:


Supported web browsers , downloads & set browser as default assistance


Saving your Live Access shortcut to your mobile device home screen for quick access

Adding Anti-virus Exceptions if you’re having difficulty with Live Access files being blocked. (This is for the server/host computer only where Live Access was setup.)


Clearing your web browsers cache (if experiencing any issues with loading pages.)


How to obtain your public IP address from a phone or tablet on cellular data (if using the IP restrictions options.)


How to add your Client Portal (OLR) link to your business website


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