Live Access - Creating invoices/taking payments

Live Access - Creating invoices/taking payments

This document will show you how to invoice appointments, take payment, create a cash sale or retail invoice, and how to store a credit card on file.

Invoicing appointments

You can invoice appointments from several screens.

On the dashboard or schedule, you can click on the menu and hit Generate invoice.

Depending on your settings, when you check a pet in or out, it will prompt for 'Create invoice' at the bottom of the screen.

When you click to Generate invoice, the next screen is the invoice picker.  This lets you choose which appointments you'd like to invoice.

For example, if you have three pets of the same family boarding, you can choose which pets you want to invoice.
If you have a pet that's in for boarding and a departure groom service, you can opt to only invoice boarding.
If you allow for weekly or monthly payments on daycare, you can invoice those appointments together.

You are able to choose past appointments to invoice by clicking on Past Uninvoiced items. 
IMPORTANT:  There may be reasons why past appointments were not invoiced so that should be verified before adding them to the invoice.

You are able to choose future appointments to invoice by clicking on Future Uninvoiced items.

Daycare appointments can only be invoiced if they are checked in.  If you use full day Daycare packages, you need to create the invoice AFTER checkout so Kennel Connection can use the full day package.

The picker will display this message if not checked in and you will not be able to proceed.

We recommend that you invoice Board appointments at checkout because KC will not update an existing invoice.  So, if you invoice at checkin and the client decides to add a bath, or extend his appointment another day, the employee is responsible for modifying the invoice and updating the items there.  If you create the invoice at checkout, it will always be accurate based on what's on the appointment.

On this example, we have three pets of the family:  Bob, Oreo and Frank.  All pets were in for boarding.  Bob and Frank both got a departure groom service.
When you click to Generate invoice, all of the appointments for this family of pets today will already be selected.  You can uncheck the box for which services you don't want to invoice now.
There is additional information on the screen, such as:  The pet is checked in or checked out.  This is a departure service.  This is the same family pets.

For these pets, we'll only invoice their board and departure services for today.  Click Submit.

On the invoice you can:

Cancel to get out of the screen without saving the invocie.
Save and Print the invoice.
Save the invoice if you want to take payment later.
The employee here is the person who created the invoice.
Add a complete bill discount if that applies.
Click the Pencil to edit a line item.
Click the trash can to delete a line item.
Click the Add Item button to add an additional line item.

Add a discount if it applies to every line item.  You'll see the % icon if it's been applied to the line item.

If you need to edit or add a line item, you will see this screen.  Here you can change the quantity, price, tax status.
The employee here is the person who gets the commission for this line item.  If you assign the employee on the appointment, their name will populate here.
A discount here applies to only this line item.

When ready to pay you can click on Save invoice for Payment Link if you want to send the Text to Pay link.
Or click Save Invoice and Pay if you want to take payment now.

Save invoice for Payment link

This will take you to the invoice picker.  You can click to send up to 10 invoices at once time.  The client will be required to pay the total of the invoice(s) chosen.
If the client has older unpaid invoices, click on that to expand and choose the appropriate invoice there.
Your settings will default this to be via text or email.  You can click to change at this screen.
When ready, hit Submit.  
There is nothing more the employee needs to do.  The client will pay the invoice and Kennel Connection will mark the invoice as paid and create the receipt.
Click here to learn more about the Text to Pay feature.

Save Invoice and Pay

When you click on this option, you will see all of the open invoices (balances due) and all credits on this client's account.
You can click to pay as many invoices as needed and click to use as many credits as needed.
The employee here is the person who receives the tip, if one is added.
When ready, click the Pay button.

Choose the correct payment method: 
Credit Card Stored/Manual - The client has a credit card stored on file or the card will be entered manually.
Credit Card Reader Terminal - The client will swipe, tap or insert his card.
Payment Link - You will send a Text to Pay link.

You can add a new card.
You are able to leave a tip on the credit card and a cash tip.
When done, hit Process to save the receipt and mark this invoice as paid.

If the client has a card on file, you click to choose the one you want to use.

If you click to add the card, you will fill in the information and click to Submit card.

If paying by cash, you can leave a tip here.
You will need to enter the amount of cash the client is giving you.
KC will calculate the change due back.

When you hit Process, you will be taken back to the invoice screen where it will note this invoice has payments against it.  You can click to Edit the invoice if needed.

Once an invoice has been generated, if you click on the menu item, it will now say View Invoice.

Creating a cash sale or retail invoice

Click on Financials, Create Invoice.

Choose cash sale or click to choose a customer, choose their name from the menu and hit Proceed.

Click Add item to add a line item.

Storing a credit card on file

Open the client card and click on Financial.
Click on Manage Credit Cards.

Click to replace or Add a new card.

You can manually enter the card info and hit Submit card.
Or you can click on Read Credit Card from Device.

Click on Read Card and your client will swipe or insert their card.

Cards are stored as tokens and not the as the card number.
The last 4 digits will display.

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