Setting up and using Text to Pay

Setting up and using Text to Pay

You are able to send a link to clients that lets them pay invoices before they pick up their pets, allowing for a faster checkout process.  Your clients will do all the heavy lifting.  You just click to send the link.  Your client can pay one invoice or multiple invoices and can leave a tip.  Once they submit the payment, the invoice is marked as paid in Kennel Connection.  The receipt will be in Accounting, Receipts and be on the closeout report and Receipts report.  There are no more steps needed by the employee to complete the task once the link has been sent.  You can also send links for deposits on appointments.    

In Live Access, click on Financial, Payment Links Settings.

Check the box to Use Payment links.
Choose which option you'd like the payment link to default to.  It can be sent as a link in an email or an SMS text message.  
Click the box to "Send an email to" to be notified via email once a payment has been made via the link.
Click the box to 'Receive push notifications' if you'd like to have notification in Live Access that a payment was made via the link. 
If you'd like to send a link for clients to make deposits, check that box.
If you'd like to send a link for clients to pay open invoices, check that box.
We have default messages here but you are able to edit these as needed.  Please note any information that shows in brackets such as [[ClientName]] will load that information for you.
Be sure to hit Save when done.

Now you are ready to send the links.


If this is a deposit, open the appointment screen and click the Deposit button.

Enter the deposit amount, verify the email or SMS number, and hit Process.  

The appointment will now show this message about the deposit and the link will be sent once you save the appointment.

Your client will receive this email or text.  They click Pay Now.

This will take them to the payment screen.  If the client already has a credit card on file, they can click to use it.  Or they can add a new credit card on this screen and use it to make payment.  When your client adds a new card on file, this will also update in the database so they will be able to use it next time and you will be able to click to use it when paying invoices.

If the payment is successful, your client will see this message.

The receipt will show in desktop KC and in Live Access.  This is now a credit on this client's account that can be used to pay invoices.


Click on Financial, View Invoices.
Find the invoice and click the down arrow.  Click on Send Payment Link.

This will open a screen where you can send one invoice or many invoices.

It will load with this invoice already selected.  If the client has additional open invoices, you will be able to click on Older Invoices to see and choose those if needed.  Click Send.

At the bottom, it will default to send to whichever option have chosen as the default, either by SMS or email.  However you can change that here.  For example if this client normally receives an email but today decides they want to receive it via SMS, you click that option.  It will load their SMS number but you can change it before sending.

Please note:  If you change the SMS number, it will update in the database and that will be the number that confirmations and auto reminders go to.  You'll need to change it back to the original number if needed.  

So for example, let's say you have a client named Carol and she has her number setup for SMS messages.  But her daughter Jane wants to pay for this stay and asks that you send the link to her.  You can change the Text to Pay link to send her to number instead.  But once you send it, Carol's record now has Jane's number.  So after you send the Text to Pay link, you'll want to go back into Carol's record and update it with her number.

This will send the payment link to the client.  They will be able to open each invoice to view its details.  If you've clicked to send multiple invoices, they will pay them all in full when they click to Pay Now.

Click Confirm Payment.  It will bring up the screen to leave a tip.  They will choose their option and click Proceed to Payment.

It will show them to confirm the payment.

Once the payment is complete the client will receive the successful message and all invoice(s) will be marked as paid in Kennel Connection and on the closeout report.

You can look back at what links have been sent, what has been paid (Closed), what is still open, and can also resend links if needed.  This is in Financials, Payment Links History.  

Click the ... button to resend or cancel the link, open the appointment or client.

Please note:  Text to pay links will expire after 30 days.

If a client has already paid their invoice and they click to use the link again, they will get the successful message to let them know the invoice(s) is already paid.

If you send the link and then take payment through Kennel Connection, your client will receive the successful message if they try to use the link.

If you cancel the link, your client will see this message when they click on it.

Applying a deposit to Text to Pay

If your client has a deposit on file, you'll need to apply it to the invoice before you send the payment link so they only pay the balance due.

Open the invoice and click Pay.

Click the Pay box for the invoice and the Pay box for the deposit/credit.

In the Amount Paid column for the invoice, change it to the amount of the deposit.  This means that you are only using the deposit/credit now and are not taking any extra payment at this time.  Hit OK when done.

In this example, the client has a $75 invoice and paid a $35 deposit.  I only want to use the $35 deposit now so I change the Amount Paid to $35.  The amount due on this transaction is $0.  The client owes $40 on this invoice.

Now I can click to send the payment link.  The client will only be paying the $40 balance.

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