Kennel Connection 7 Networking Guide

Kennel Connection 7 Networking Guide

Kennel Connection 7 Networking Guide

Read this entire document before proceeding.

General Networking Notes and Warnings

These instructions encompass Windows 7, 8, and 10 environments.  If you are uncertain of your operating system, consult with your local computer professional.  Networking is only to be done after you have selected your main/server computer and installed, configured, and upgraded to Kennel Connection 7.  KC7 should be fully functioning on your main/server machine before proceeding.

Important!!  This document assumes that your network is complete and all computers are communicating.  Your network MUST be up and running, and all computers communicating, prior to following these instructions.  If your network is incomplete, these instructions will not work and our product support team will be unable to assist you with these instructions.

Please note:  Our support team only supports Kennel Connection.  We do not support nor can we assist with setting up the network.  If you need assistance with your network, consult your local computer professional.

Warning!  It is not recommended that you use wireless networking with your product.  If the wireless signal is broken during a write operation to the database, your database can become corrupt beyond repair.  A regular wired network is strongly recommended.  Before continuing, be sure that you have downloaded and installed the latest version of Kennel Connection 7, as well as all Windows updates.  Your network MUST be in place and configured and all computers communicating prior to using these instructions.

Warning!  Make sure that you have installed Kennel Connection 7 software according to the instructions in the setup guide before proceeding.

1.  Share the KC7 folder on the main/server machine.  Note:  This is the KC7 folder that was created during the installation of the program.  All folders and files inside this KC7 folder must remain where they were installed to by default.  Do not separate them.  

Windows 7 users:  Click on Start, Computer.  Go to your C drive and then find the KC7 folder.

Windows 8/10 users:  Click the File Explorer icon on the bottom of the task bar.  Click on Computer or This PC on the left hand side of the window.  Double click on your C drive.  Look for the KC7 folder.

Click on the KC7 folder ONCE so it is highlighted, then right click and choose Properties.  In the Properties window, click the Sharing tab.  Click Share.

KC7 networking instructions

2.  Click the drop down arrow and choose the user Everyone.  Press the Add button.

KC7 networking instructions

3.  Click the small black arrow next to the user Everyone.  Make sure the permission level is set to Read/Write.  Click Share.

KC7 networking instructions

Your KC7 folder is now shared with everyone.  Click Done.

KC7 networking instructions

You must now tell KC7 where to look for certain data such as client/pet pictures and documents.  Proceed to the next section.

Important!  Before proceeding to the next step, you must add SQL Server exceptions to Windows Firewall.  Click here for instructions.

Pointing your workstations to the main KC7 folder

1.  From each workstation, you will need to map a network drive to the KC7 folder on the main/server machine.  Click on Mapping a network drive for Kennel Connection 7 for directions.

2.  Once you have the mapped drives properly setup, you will need to tell KC7 where to look.  On each workstation, open Computer or File Explorer, open your local C drive.  Locate and open the KC7 folder.  Inside the KC7 folder you will find the wkennel.ini file.  These are your configuration settings for KC7.  Double click to open it in Notepad or if prompted to choose a program from a list, choose Notepad.

KC7 networking instructions

3.  In the top section, change DataDrive=C to whichever drive letter your chose when you mapped the network drive.  We'll use K as an example.  Make sure DataDir= is blank after the equal sign.   When finished, it should look like this:

KC7 networking instructions

**To avoid possible operational issues, no other settings should be touched in this file.**

4.  Click File, Save and then exit out of the wkennel.ini file.  The steps above MUST be repeated on EACH of your workstations.

5.  Now you must disable the power saving features of both the computer itself and its associated network card for each computer on the network, including the main/server machine where the database is housed.  Not doing so could cause the main computer or any workstation to go to sleep or the network card to be turned off due to inactivity which will cause your workstations to be unable to communicate with the database.  Click on Power Settings Instructions for instructions on modifying your power settings.  If you need assistance with this step, contact your local computer professional.

This completes the networking of Kennel Connection 7.

Final Note:  When installing any updates to your software, it is imperative that you close Kennel Connection on ALL computers until the update process is complete.  Failure to do so may result in database corruption! The update MUST be installed on all computers running Kennel Connection.

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