Adjust run rate on existing appointments

Adjust run rate on existing appointments

When changing prices for runs, you are able to also adjust the rates on existing bookings.

This is an administrative feature that requires an administrative login to complete.

Please note:  Because this action cannot be undone once the steps are complete, it's recommended that you backup the database before proceeding.  If a mistake is made or you decide to stick with the original pricing, you can restore the backup before using the program again.  Backing up your database

The Adjust Booking Rates option will only adjust existing bookings under certain conditions.
1 - The booking is scheduled for the Run being adjusted.

We are adjusting the rate of Run 10-R so KC will only considering bookings for Run 10-R.

2 - The booking is scheduled for or after the date that the price is being adjusted.

We are adjusting the rate on August 13th, 2020, so only bookings with a Check In date of 8/13/20 or later will be considered.

3 - The booking is billed at the same rate you are adjusting the price from.

We are adjusting Run 10-R from $33 to $35.  KC will only consider appointments that are booked for run 10-R at $33.  If you use multipet rates and give discounts for the 2nd - 5th pet, KC will not update those appointments and they will need to be adjusted manually.

For our example, we will change the rate of Run 10-R from $33 to $35.

To adjust run rates, click on File, Lists, Runs.  Put in your new rate.

There is a checkbox for 'Adjust booking'.  This is the box to check if you also want to adjust prices on existing appointments.

Please note: If you change the price, click Save and THEN click the 'Adjust booking' box and hit Save, KC will not adjust any bookings. The 'Adjust booking' box MUST be checked BEFORE you hit Save.

Adjust run rate

When you check the box and hit Save, a message will appear asking if you want to adjust the rate of bookings that have already been scheduled for this run.

Adjust run rate

Click Yes to the prompt, then enter your admin ID.  There will be another prompt asking if you are sure.  Click Yes.

Adjust run rate

Once you click Yes on the last message, the rates for any future existing bookings that fall within these parameters will be adjusted to the new rate.

After you have gone through the steps of updating existing appointments the next step is to click on File, Lists, Run Sizes and update the prices there for pets 1 - 5.  When you hit Save it will ask do you want to update all runs of this size.  Click Yes.

Please note:  If you adjust the prices in Run Sizes and then try to adjust in Runs it will not ask about updating existing appointments.  You have to do these steps in the correct order so it will work.

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