Adjust all rates for breeds

Adjust all rates for breeds

In File, Lists, Breeds, you can setup rates and durations for each breed for boarding and grooming services.

Adjust All Rates lets you adjust the rates for just one breed, for all breeds and for existing appointments.

IMPORTANT:  Because you cannot undo this action once you have completed the steps, you should backup your database before proceeding.  If there is a mistake made or you decide to stick with the original pricing, you can restore the backup before using the program again.  Backing up your database

Click on Adjust All Rates and click Yes to the popup.

Let's say you want to increase your prices by $2.

Please note:  If a breed has $0 entered for a rate in any of the fields, KC will skip that rate and keep it at $0.

You click on Dollar Increase and put in 2.00 for each field.

None - This will update all breeds in the list and will add $2 to each rates.

Include appointments already created - This will update all breeds and also update any current or future appointments.  

The original appointment has these rates.

After we adjust the rates for existing appointments, the appointment has been updated and $2 added to each service.

Selected breed only - This will update only this particular breed.

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