What makes this Live Access different than other fully hosted software?

What makes this Live Access different than other fully hosted software?

Thought you would never ask! This is the part that we love talking about as so much time and thought went into this. With other fully hosted cloud software, your database is out of your control hosted in a datacenter along with the software. While this does alleviate you from having to host your own database in your shop, it adds other complications that may not be worth it. Plus, there's really nothing to do when hosting your own database. Just make sure your computer is powered on and you backup!

When your database is hosted elsewhere in a datacenter, you run the risk of losing complete access to it and your software if Internet goes out or if the datacenter itself has issues. This leaves you without your business software and sometimes it's when you need it the most. Internet acting up and running slow? Well so is the hosted software making a simple transaction take twice as long. Want to know that you have a copy of your database under your control when you need it? Not so easy with a fully hosted version where your database is off-site. 

With Kennel Connection Live Access, we gave you the best of both worlds. Since the database is still hosted at your own location, you can utilize the KC Desktop software on all your workstations while at the same time using the connected web version from tablets, phones and other computers via web browsers. You can use these around your facility and on the go for mobile groomers or if you simply want to check-in when you're not at the shop. Crunching numbers can take a while and now you can do that from the comfort of your own home. Now if the Internet goes down or is acting up or whatever takes place, you can still utilize KC Desktop from inside your shop giving you the ability to still serve your customers as you please. When the issue is resolved, your web access will come right back.

The only thing required to keep Live Access running from your side is to make sure your host computer stays powered on, not sleeping and is connected to the Internet which in most cases. its' already set like that. 

If you ever have any questions about this, don't ever hesitate to ask. Send us a message to  Support@KennelConnection.net !

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