What is Additional Fee & how does it work?

What is Additional Fee & how does it work?

Kennel Connection Additional Fee Program

Features: Implement an additional fee on your invoice total that allows you to offset other business expenses.


How does it work?

Let’s say you have a client invoice for $100. When selecting to use a card for payment, Kennel Connection will automatically add a 3.5% additional fee to the invoice. When submitting payment, the integrated credit card terminal prompts the customer to approve the sale amount and additional fee ($100 + $3.50 Fee = $103.50). The customer confirms the total, then proceeds to complete the transaction. Easy as that!

What does it look like with regards to reporting/reconciling? Will I be debited for any processing fees?

When a merchant is using the additional fee program, we will use that revenue to pay your processing fees. You will not be debited monthly for any processing related fees. Your deposits will reflect revenue reports in Kennel Connection and these reports do not calculate the additional fee as part of the total transaction. Keep in mind, individual receipts will show the total amount charged to your customer, including the additional fee amount applied.

In the above example for the $100 invoice, the customer is charged $103.50. Your merchant deposit the following day will be $100, and the $3.50 will be applied to the card payment processing fees, so you don’t pay any! CardPointe, your merchant account reporting tool, will show you credit card processing totals each day, amount debited for additional fee, and a break down your funded batch totals/gross income. This makes it easy as ever to reconcile when doing the additional fee program. See example below which breaks down the daily credit card totals and merchant bank deposit.

Do all of my customers need to pay the additional fee?

Once set up with the additional fee, Kennel Connection automatically applies it to all card payments. You do not need to manually add the fee to each transaction or worry about employees forgetting to add the fee - this is all done for you. For now, should customers choose to pay by cash, check, or other payment method, they can eliminate the fee but soon this will be applied to all transactions. Should you choose to unenroll in the additional fee program, please contact your sales representative.

Is the additional fee added to Text-to-Pay, online deposits, and when using a stored card on file?

Yes! All credit card transactions processed through Kennel Connection will have the additional fee added to the transaction.

Will I still receive a monthly merchant statement?

Yes, a merchant statement will still be available each month. You can view your statements in CardPointe, which will break down total card transactions submitted for the prior month and how much the processing fees totaled for the month. Keep in mind, you will not be debited the total processing fees as this is adjusted daily from the card batch each day (additional fee totals are deducted).

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