Using the Approved Booking option

Using the Approved Booking option

With the new Live Access comes the Client Portal where if you allow, your customers can signup and create online reservations using a simple wizard. In some cases, you may want these appointments to book automatically and go right to your schedules. In other cases, you may want to have you and your staff approve the bookings prior to confirming them. We've got you covered. 

To configure your OLR settings including to set the approve or automatic approval setting, login to Live Access and on the left-hand menu click on "Online Reservations." Then select 

Look for the "Client Page settings" and you'll see the option to "Require approval before saving the appointment to the database." Place a check mark there and save your changes to enable the "require approval."

With this option enabled, when your clients book an appointment, they will see this message instead of seeing the booking success message: 

The appointment will NOT show in their client portal as Confirmed until you or your staff approve it. It will show as a Pending appointment.

In this example, Cici's appointment has been approved by staff.  Snazzy Pants' appointment has not been approved yet.

When the client submits an OLR, when your Live Access screen refreshes you will see a pending appointment icon showing on the "Online Reservation" button.

Click the "Online Reservations" button and choose " Pending Appointments"

You'll be brought to a pending appointments page. If no further action is required on your part, you can simply click approve. If further information is required, it will show an error. You'll then need to click the "edit pencil" and add the required info. Then save the appointment. 

Once you approve or save the booking, the appointment will be removed from the pending screen and the following will occur: 

- The appointment will be added to the correct schedule in Live Access and KC Desktop. 

- The pending appointments notification will disappear (if there are none left to approve.)

- *The client will receive an email stating their appointment has been confirmed.

- The appointment will now show on the clients "Client Portal" appointments screen as Confirmed.

*If you would like your clients to receive an email letting them know their appointment has been confirmed or any emails from Live Access, you must have your email setup in Kennel Connection desktop first. Configuring Kennel Connection to send emails

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