Uploading pictures and documents in Live Access

Uploading pictures and documents to Live Access

Just like in Kennel Connection desktop you can add files/documents to client or pet cards. 

Supported file types are: .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlxs, .txt, .zip

From inside Live Access open a client or pet card and click the documents or pictures tab (pet card only)

Client card:

Pet Card:

For documents, simply click the upload icon under the "Action" column, choose your file from your device and click upload. 

The file will upload and is now displayed. 

You have three actions for already uploaded files. View, upload and replace, delete. 

If you are uploading a pet picture, click on the pictures tab, click the plus (+) sign and repeat steps to browse and select. 


You may or may not want your own clients to have the ability to upload documents from the Client Portal. You can configure this option by going to Live Access, clicking the Online Reservations menu item, choose "Use and Registration." Then in the Client Page Settings you can choose to hide the documents tab for your clients. Unchecked means it's available to them. 

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