Text message character restrictions

Text message character restrictions

When sending text messages through Kennel Connection, you may have noticed or some clients may have reported that they only receive part of the message.  Text messages are sent as SMS (Short Message Service) and most carriers have restrictions on how many characters can be sent as SMS.  When you send an SMS text, some carriers will create multi-part messages to deliver the full message, i.e. the client may receive 4 texts that make up the entire message sent.  Some carriers will auto convert the text to MMS (Multi-Media Messaging Service) to allow the full message to be sent.  Some carriers like Verizon Wireless will only send a maximum number of allowed characters.  So if your message has 500 characters, Verizon will only send 155 characters and that's it.  

For Verizon Wireless you can change the domain suffix in KC to allow the entire message to be sent as MMS instead of SMS.

Click on File, Lists, Cell Svc Providers.

Click on Verizon Wireless


Change the server to vzwpix.com and hit Save.

Text messages

This will now allow larger text messages 155 characters and over to be sent successfully to Verizon Wireless devices.  Please keep in mind that devices depending on their own settings may or may not be able to receive MMS, SMS or certain character count messages.

If you notice the same issue with other carriers, they may or may not have an alternate domain suffix to send MMS messages.  A simple internet search should provide more information on your carrier's options.  Here are a few providers that do have an alternate MMS address.  You can update this info in File, Lists, Cell Svc Providers.  For AT&T, you would change the server to mms.att.net.

Text messages

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