Sending emails from Live Access (Overview)

Sending emails from Live Access (Overview)

Part 1. Accessing the email utility.

In Live Access there are a couple of ways to send emails to your clients. 

First from the client card by clicking the arrow next to their email address at the top, or by clicking the edit tab and then clicking the email arrow:

Email link from quick info at top of client card: 

Email link from client card after clicking "edit"

Second by clicking "User Tools" and selecting "Send Company Email" This method will open the email utility but will not pre-populate the "To" address like the above methods do. 

Part 2. Composing & Sending

Once you're inside the email utility, you can compose your message. Note that if you accessed the email utility from a client card, the "To" field will be populated with that client's address. If you accessed the email utility from the user tools menu, you'll need to type in the clients email address. 

Create a subject and then add the message body. 

This email utility has multiple options that you're familiar with as they're used in most email and writing software. 

From left to right: 

H: H is for the header. You can choose a special size header text/format for the beginning or other parts of your email that you're composing. 

B: Bold font. 

I: Italics

A: Text color

S: Strike through

-: Insert horizontal line

": Insert block quote

Bullet points

Numeric order

Task: Allows for check boxes



Insert table

Insert image into body

Add attachments

Create hyperlink

Add in-line code (not needed)

Insert code block (not needed)

If you're sending images, the best way is via attachment. You can use the insert image option to insert into the message body but the image cannot be resized in this utility. If it's a very large image, you'll need to resize it externally before inserting into the body. 

To insert attachments, click the attachment icon 

This will open up a browse window where you can browse to your local folder/image and choose your attachment. 

Select your image to attach and click open. This will attach the image to your email and you'll see the attachment at the bottom. (Note you can remove attachments by clicking the X over to the right of the file name.) This email below has two attachments. 

Important: Since this email uses your own email settings entered in KC desktop, the attachment size limit is based off of your own email providers rules/restrictions. Most do not allow over 20MB per email. With high resolution images, this can be used up very fast and may require multiple messages. 

When you're ready to send the message, click send. As long as your email settings in KC desktop are setup and working, the message will send. 

If you receive this error shown here: 

It means your KC desktop is not configured to send emails OR the email settings are incorrect. Please visit this link for directions on configuring KC to send emails. 

IMPORTANT:  Once you have emails configured for desktop KC, you will need to log out of Live Access and restart it on the database computer where KC is installed.  On that computer, at the top of the screen, click on Utilities, Live Access, Restart Live Access.  This makes Live Access use your email settings in desktop and will allow it to send emails.

If you do not do this step you will be unable to send emails through Live Access.

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