Sending an email from Live Access

Sending an email from Live Access

**Note that this function requires you to have email setup and working in your KC Desktop software. If you don't or need info, click here: Configuring Kennel Connection to send emails

If you're inside Live Access and would like to send a quick, custom email to a client, you can use the email utility. There are two ways to invoke this utility. 

First, if you don't know the clients email address but they have it on their client card, you can open the client card, and click the email icon next to their email address. This will open the email editor with their address pre-populated. Add your subject, compose your message and send. 

Second is by clicking "User Tools" from the menu and choosing the "Send Company Email" option. This will open the email editor without the email address pre-populated. You'll need to enter the email address, subject and message to send. 

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