Sales report VS receipts report VS sales tax report

Sales report VS receipts report VS sales tax report

A common question we hear is why don't the Sales report, Receipts report and Sales Tax report totals match.  The answer is they are not designed to.  Each report looks at a separate piece of data.

The Sales report only looks at invoices created.

The Receipts report only looks at receipts created.

The Sales Tax report only looks at invoice line items that are taxed.

Reasons the reports won't match include creating invoices on one date and paying on a different date (sometimes in another month or year), letting clients have credits or balances on their accounts, taking deposits, using gift certificates, not taxing all items, and so on.

Let's say you are running these reports for today's date.  Here is what you did today.  Your tax rate is 8%.

Transaction 1:  A past invoice for $200 was paid.  The date was last month so it will not be included on today's Sales report but it will be on the Receipt report.

Because the invoice is from a past date, it will not appear on today's Sales Tax report.

Transaction 2:  A client said he'll pay you next time.  You will have $130 on the Sales report but there is no receipt for the Receipts report.

On the $130 invoice, he got an $80 groom and $50 in miscellaneous items.  Only the groom is taxed so that will show on the Sales Tax report at 80 x .08 = $6.40.  The other items will not.

Transaction 3:  A client make a $150 deposit to be used for a future booking.  The receipt will be on the Receipts report but there is no invoice for the Sales report.

Because there is no invoice, this amount does not apply to the Sales Tax report.

Transaction 4:  A client used a $25 deposit from last month on a $40 invoice and paid the $15 balance today.  There will be an invoice for $40 on the Sales report and a receipt for $15 on the Receipts report.

On the $40 invoice, he got a $35 groom and a $5 nail trim.  Only the groom is taxed so that will show on the Sales Tax report at 35 x 0.08 = $2.80 but the other item will not.

Transaction 5:  A pet checked out today with a $500 invoice.  The client paid the full amount so $500 will show on the Sales report and $500 will be on the Receipts report.

On the $500 invoice, he got a $100 groom, $100 in retail items, $200 in boarding, $50 in feeds and $50 in exercises.  Only the groom and retail items are taxed so $200 will show on the Sales tax report at $200 x 0.08 = $16.00.  The other items will not.

                    Invoices               Receipts                Sales Tax

Trans 1:                                      $200

Trans 2:          $130                                               $6.40

Trans 3:                                      $150

Trans 4:           $40                      $15                    $2.80

Trans 5:          $500                    $500                   $16.00

Totals:       Sales Report        Receipts report       Sales Tax report

                      $670                   $865                    $25.20

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