Restarting Live Access outside of Kennel Connection

Restarting Live Access outside of Kennel Connection

If you need to restart your Live Access host service but cannot access the menu from inside Kennel Connection, please do the following: 

On your host computer if you do not have the search box in your Windows task bar, press the windows key + S and type in "services.msc" without the quotes and click on the services search result. 

Click on any service and press the letter K to jump down to the K section and you'll see KChost. 

Look over to the right under the "status" column and it should say Running. If it does not, try right clicking on KChost and choose start. If it does say "Running" but you're having connection issues, right click it and choose "restart". Wait for it to restart and then refresh your browsers and try again. 

**Note that you may have to hard refresh your browsers cache in some cases. To do this, make sure the web page is displayed and press CTRL + F5 together and it will hard refresh. 

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