Resetting your shopping cart password

Resetting your shopping cart password

When signing up for Live Access or other subscription services, you'll be using the new shopping cart system at or from inside Kennel Connection software. If you do not know your account login for the shopping cart, you'll need to reset your password. Please follow these instructions. 

If you have not already, click the "Proceed to checkout" button. 

Click the "Click here to login" link.

** If you have a recurring monthly support plan or recurring yearly support plan with us, you already have a login to this account. If you created the account yourself, it will be with whichever email address you signed up with. If you did not create the account yourself, it will be the email address that you have on file with us here.

Enter your email address and password. If you have an account here with that address and password, it will log you in and you can continue to complete the check out transaction and will be brought back to KC to finish the Live Access setup. 

If it does not log you in and you are unsure of the password, please click the "Lost your password" link.  

Enter your email address (please try the one that you would have on file with Kennel Connection first.) Then click Reset Password. 

**Note, please enter email address only in valid email address format. No usernames are associated. 

If your email address is registered, you will see this "Password reset email has been sent" message. If the email is not correct, please scroll down to part 2

Please check your email inbox for the password reset email. Be sure to check spam/junk as well. Sometimes it takes a few minutes. Follow the instructions in the email to reset your password. Once done, come back to the shopping window and click the shopping cart icon.

Then click "Checkout"

Click the "Click here to login" and now login using the email address that the reset password link was sent to and the password that you just created by resetting it.  Feel free to click the "Remember me" option and then Login. 

Complete your transaction and you will be taken back to KC to continue the Live Access setup. 

Part 2.   

**If the email address you entered is not the correct address, you'll see this error. 

Please try another email address that you could have used either when signing up for this account on your own OR that you may have had or still have on file here with us. 

If you are able to determine the correct email address and get the successful password reset email as shown above, please continue on with resetting your password and completing the transaction using the above instructions. If you cannot get it, please email and let us know. 

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