PawLoyalty - Using Custom Icons

PawLoyalty - Using Custom Icons

Custom Icons allows you to flag accounts and quickly see information by viewing an icon.  For example, you can set an icon to alert you about an arthritic pet, a client who has special instructions, a pet who has food allergies, and so on.

Click on PawLoyalty, Administration.

Click on Custom Icons.

You can create as many icons as you'd like.  There are over one thousand images to choose from.
Click Select to choose an image.
Enter a title.  This information will display when you hover your mouse over the icon.
Choose a color for the icon.
Capacity allows you to limit how many pets can be assigned to this icon.  For example, maybe you can only accommodate 50 senior pets in your facility.
You can turn on checkin or checkout alerts for pets with this icon.
You can choose a place holder.  If choose this, then this icon will be assigned to every pet in that group.  For example, you can create an Expired Vaccine icon and check the option for Expired Vaccine.  The icon will be automatically added to all of those pets that apply.
Click Add when done.

When clicking Select, you will have all of these options to choose from.

Now you are ready to assign the icon to the pet.  On the pet card, click on Custom Icon.

You will see these icons wherever you see the pet.  When you hold your mouse over the icon, it will display your title.
You can view these on the pet card.

You will see the icons on the appointment on the Company Portal.

You will see the icons when you search for the pet/client.

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