PawLoyalty - Setting up Training classes and Private training

PawLoyalty - Setting up Training classes and Private training

You can setup two kinds of training:  Training classes and Private training.

Click on PawLoyalty, Administration.

Click on Services.

Scroll to the bottom and click on Training.  Scroll down to find these two options.  Click the boxes for Group and Private training, enter the description that will show when making an appointment and enter prices.  Click Save when done.

Next, click on Service Configuration.

These services need to be marked as Resource based, Employee Specific or Independent.  Be sure to hit Save when done.

Resource based - a run is required on the appointment.
Employee Specific - an employee is required on the appointment.
Independent - Neither are required.

Please note:  You can only choose one option here.

Next, click on Administration, Service Resources.

Every service needs to be added to at least one room.  This activates the service if no room is needed.  If the service is listed as Employee Specific or Independent, this step still needs to be completed.  You can use any room, such as Extra/Activity/Grooming.  If you don't have a room like that, you can add it to any random room.  

Click and drag the Services over to the Resource, whichever room you choose.

Now you are ready to setup your class/private options.

Click on Multiday Training Classes.

Click on Add New.

Choose either Group Training or Private Training.

Enter a course name and details.
Choose the employee if needed.
Class length is the length of the appointment.
Choose a start time.

Choose the duration.

If this class is to meet every day, choose Daily and how many days it will meet for.  For example, you can put 14 days starting on 9/18 and it will create these appointments.

Or you could say this is a 6 week class starting on 9/18 and it will look like this.

Enter the cost.  This is the cost of the entire duration, i.e. 6 weeks is $230.
Capacity is the max number of pets for this training.
Frequency is how often the class meets.
Who it's For and Pet Requirements are so you can describe the class.  
Be sure to hit Create when done.

Now you are able to make appointments for this training.

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