PawLoyalty - Setting up Extras

PawLoyalty - Setting up Extras

To setup add-ons or Extras, click on PawLoyalty, Administration.

Click on Services.

Scroll to the bottom and click on Extras.
Check the box and add the name you want to display on appointments.  Add a price for each weight class or the same price if all pets get charged the same rate.
Enter a time duration if needed and add a GL Code that will show on the revenue reports.
Scroll to the bottom and hit Save when done.

Next, click on Administration, Service Configuration.

These services need to be marked as Resource based, Employee Specific or Independent.  Be sure to hit Save when done.

Resource based - a run is required on the appointment.
Employee Specific - an employee is required on the appointment.
Independent - Neither are required.

Please note:  You can only choose one option here.

Next, click on Administration, Service Resources.

Every service needs to be added to at least one room.  This activates the service if no room is needed.  If the service is listed as Employee Specific or Independent, this step still needs to be completed.  You can use any room, such as Extra/Activity/Grooming.  If you don't have a room like that, you can add it to any random room.  

Click and drag the Service over to the Resource, whichever room you choose.

Next, click on Administration, Primary Service Extra Services Configuration.

This screen is where you attach these extra services to your primary services.  For example, if you want all of your Grooming options to be available for Daycare, you can click and drag Grooming over (Red arrow).  That will populate your entire Groom list into daycare.

If you only want to bring over a few services, click and drag the specific service, for example, Bath & Brush (Green arrow).

You can also remove items by clicking the red X (circled in Blue).

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