PawLoyalty - Error adding appointment

PawLoyalty - Error when adding appointment

There may be times when you get an error when making an appointment.  Some examples are:
Object reference not set to an instance of the object
No Employees available for service
Price has not been set for service
String was not recognized as valid Date/Time

You'll want to verify things are set properly.

1 - Go to the pet card and make sure there is a classification.  If it is set to None, choose one from the drop down and hit Change.

2 -Verify if this service is employee specific.  If so, you'll need to assign employees to the service so you can make an appointment.  

Click on PawLoyalty, Administration.

Click on Service Configuration.

For example, this Train Refresh is set to Employee Specific.  If you don't want to have to assign an employee, change this to Independent and hit Save.

If you do want to assign employees, the next step is to click on Employees.

Click on the employee and click Add/Remove Services.

Click on Train refresh and hit Save.  Now you will be able to choose this employee for the service on the appointment.

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