On screen and reports boarding count are incorrect

On screen and reports boarding count are incorrect

The schedules and occupancy reports give a count of how many dogs and cats are on the schedule and how many dog runs and cat runs are in use.  If the count is incorrect, check your setup.


Click on File, System Options, Boarding schedule.

There will be three options:

Count pets that have checked out in occupancy.

Count pets that have checked in only in occupancy.

Include in count pets going home.

In order for the occupancy report to show data for past and future dates, the 1st and 3rd options need to be checked but not the 2nd option.

However your kennel may need to show different info on the schedules.  For example you may only want to see pets that are checked in.  If you use different settings make note because you will need to set them back once you print the report.


Next, make sure all pets are set as the system defaults of cat and dog.  KC does not recognize canine and feline.

Click on File, Lists, Pet Types.

DO NOT delete the pet type.  Click on it and rename it to the correct type.  Hit Save when done.


On the pet card, make sure the correct type is chosen.


Lastly, click on File, Lists, Run Sizes and make sure each run type is set to the correct pet type.


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