Managing your customers Client Portal accounts

Managing your customers Client Portal accounts

There may be times where your customers that have signed up for Client Portal forget their passwords, incorrectly enter their email address during signup or need to be denied access to OLR or removed from the system. All this can be managed from your Live Access site. 

The easiest method to a forgotten password is to simply direct your customers to click the "Forgot password" link at the login page for your Client Portal. If they used the correct email address to signup, clicking this link and entering the same email they used during signup will send them a password reset link. They can simply reset their password and login. If that's not an option or you need other options see below. 

Login to Live Access with an account that has admin or manager rights. 

On the left hand menu, choose Online Reservations and click the "Manage Clients" menu option. 

The below will be displayed. 

The first section allows you to do two things. If an existing client is struggling to signup for OLR, you can choose the client from the drop down and then click "generate link". Once the link is generated you can either click the copy button which will copy the link to your computers clipboard and then you can send that link to the specific client OR click the "Send Email" button to drop down the message box and send the link directly to that client from inside your Live Access. When they click this link, it will allow them to create an account and will associate it with their already existing record in Kennel Connection. 

The other option is ONLY if you previously used our older version of Online Reservations. Clicking "Import Existing Clients" will import all your past OLR users and allow them to sign in using their old OLR credentials. 

The second section allows you to search for an existing Client Portal/OLR user and take action against the account. You can edit the email address (useful if they want to change the address they signed up with or if they misspelled and it needs to be corrected), activate or deactivate their account to prevent them from logging in, send them a password reset email or delete their account completely. 

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