Live Access supported web browsers & setting as default

Live Access supported web browsers & setting as default

Kennel Connection Live Access Supported Browsers

**If you already have one of the below browsers installed and would just like to set it as your Windows Default Browser (So all websites open with this browser), scroll down to the "Setting Default Web Browser" section.**

Supported Web Browsers


While there are many different web browsers out there to choose from, only a few have what it takes to give you the best online experience possible. Here are the browsers that are supported with the Live Access system. These are ranked starting with the best overall experience.

Microsoft Edge (Chromium)
The new MS Edge (Chromium) version is taking the lead over Chrome. Built on the same platform as Chrome, it can do all that Chrome can and more. This has moved to the top as best browser for many things including Live Access! If you have Windows 10 and update automatically, you should already have this installed. If not you can download it here:
Download MS Edge Chromium

MS Edge now lets you install websites as apps on your computer for even faster access! 

Here's how: Installing Live Access as an app to Windows 10


Google Chrome


Chrome is the leading choice for web browsing in todays online world. Download it here: Download Google Chrome




Mozilla Firefox


Firefox is right up there with Chrome as one of the best. The choice is yours. Download it here:

Download Mozilla Firefox




Safari (Mac only)


Safari is the leading browser in the world of Mac. If you’re on an Apple/Mac device this browser is included with the operating system. If there are any issues, you’ll want to make sure Safari is up to date. Here’s how:




Setting Default Web Browser 



Windows users, want to set a new default web browser?

Right mouse click your Windows start button and choose RUN. Copy and Paste this in and press enter:



Your default apps window will open. Look for the “Web browser” section. Click on whatever browser is set as your default and it will show you a list of available browsers. Choose either Edge (Chromium), Chrome or Firefox.

Choose supported browser (We recommend Edge (Chromium) shown in green box below


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