Invoices and receipts show the incorrect number of decimal places

Invoices and receipts show the incorrect number of decimal places

First, click on File, Business info and make sure you have the correct number of decimal places there.

This can also be caused by the incorrect regional settings on the computer.  

If you are on Windows 7 or lower, click on Start, Control Panel, Regional.

If you are on Windows 8 or higher, right click on Windows Start button and select Control Panel, then go to Region.

You should see the following:

Decimal places

If you click on Additional Settings in the bottom right corner, it will take you to the options to customize format of numbers, currency, time and date.  If the "No. of digits after decimals" is set to 0, that is what's causing the issue.  This setting is telling Windows and Kennel Connection to ignore decimal places.

Click on the 0 and change it to 2.

Decimal places

Click Apply and then OK to close all screens.  Try printing invoices and receipts again.  If it doesn't fix the issue, please contact Support for further assistance. or 1-888-486-4343 x option 2.

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