Installing Live Access as an app to Windows 10

Installing Live Access as an app to Windows 10

Please note this articles applies only when using Microsoft Windows 10 with the Edge Chromium browser. 

If you're updated on Windows 10 you should already have this browser installed. Try searching your start menu for "edge". The icon will  look like this:

Open MS Edge and navigate to your Live Access login page. 

Once there, click the menu option "..." in the upper right hand corner and choose "Apps" and click "Install this site as an app"

You'll be prompted to name the app: 

Once named, click Install. 

It will then proceed to open up an app window instead of the Edge browser with your Live Access page displayed. You can now login and use Live Access. 

This is now an installed App. Click your Windows start button and scroll through the programs list and look for the app. It will be whatever you named it during the "install as app" process. In my example, I left it "Live Access Login".

Once you locate it, you can right mouse click it and either:

  • Pin to start which will put it in your start menu so you don't have to scroll

  • Choose "more" and pin to task bar which will put it on your Windows taskbar.

  • Choose "more" and choose "open file location" then right mouse click on the file inside the new window that opens and choose "Send to" > "Desktop (create shortcut) and it will put an icon on your desktop.

Uninstalling the App. 

If you ever wish to uninstall the app, you'll need to do the following: 

Click the Windows Start menu. 

Choose Settings (gear icon)

Choose Apps & Features

Scroll down until you find your app (whatever you chose to name it)

Click it and choose "Uninstall"  (We do not recommend clearing the cache while uninstalling.)

WARNING: There will be TWO Kennel Connection icons/files showing in your apps list. One of them is your desktop software. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES uninstall that one. You MUST be absolutely sure you're uninstalling the Live Access App. The desktop version may look like this: 

Here is the proper "Live Access" app: 

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