Installing and configuring your chip readers for integrated credit card processing (Tenerum)

Installing and configuring your chip reader for integrated credit card processing (Tenerum)

Tenerum Processing only.

Once you receive your new CC chip reader, you'll want to get it setup so you can start taking payments. Please see the below on how to install & configure your new device. 

Part 1: Installing your new CC device hardware.

The first thing you'll need to do is get your devices setup. Unpackage the devices and make sure you have all necessary cables. You'll need the AC adapter (included) and an Ethernet cable "Internet Cable" (Not included) for each device. You'll also need to either have a network switch to plug the Ethernet cable into or be able to run the cable directly to your router so make sure you have one or the other. 

  • Plug in the Ethernet (Internet) cable to the ETH port on the devices cable.
  • Plug in the other end of the Ethernet (Internet) cable to an open LAN port on your router or network switch.  
  • Plug in the AC adapter from the devices cable to a power outlet. 
  • Allow a few minutes for it to boot up.

When done it should display "Ready" on the screen. If not displaying ready, please check your Ethernet cable and ensure one end is plugged into the ETH port on the device cable and the other end is plugged into a LAN port on your router or network switch. Make sure both ends are firmly plugged in. 

Part 2: Configuring your new CC device hardware in Kennel Connection.

Open Kennel Connection desktop and go into File, Lists. Click on the Tenerum Devices tab. 

Choose "new device" 

Enter your device ID and create a friendly name so you'll know which device this is. Click Save. (Always start with device ID of 2 and go up from there if you have multiple EMV devices.)

Now you must choose this device for KC (On this computer) to access. Close out of File, Lists and open File, System Options. Go to the "Local" tab. Locate the "Credit Card Device" drop down and choose the appropriate device for this computer. Then click Apply and OK. 

*Note that if you have multiple CC devices, as you add them this above drop down list will grow. Make sure you choose the correct one for that computer you're on. Otherwise, it will light up another device somewhere else in your office. 

!Repeat the above sections for each computer/device you have. 

Once you have completed the setup for your device, you may begin processing payments. 

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