Setting up commissions

Hello-Groom - Setting up commissions

You are able to setup commissions, assign employees to services and print the commission report for your pay period.  There are three steps in setting up commissions.

Step 1 - Click on Setup, Employees.

Click on Commissions.

You can either enter an overall rate (10% in this example) or click the down arrow and enter a rate for each service.

If you use only the overall rate then the employee will get a 10% commission on every service/product he is assigned to that is set as a commissioned item.

Or you can setup different commissions for different services/products.

Click the down arrow, Add New.

Click Select.

Choose either System, Product or Service.  System is where you'll find Bath, Groom, Nails, Other Groom.

Enter the commission rate and if it's a percentage or Dollar amount.  Hit Submit.

Do this for as many services as you'd like.

Step 2 - Set inventory items to be commissioned.

Click on Setup, Inventory. 

Click on the item (bath, groom, nails, other groom).

Click the Commissionable box.  

You can add a commission rate here.  Please note:  Hello-Groom will use the commission rate set on the employee card first.  If there is no rate there then it will use the commission rate set in Inventory.  If you add commission rates to the employee card then you are not required to enter a rate here.

Please be sure to hit Save when done.

Step 3 - Set Other Services to be commissioned.

Click on Setup, Lists, Other Services.

Other Services need to be set as commissioned here and all employees will receive the same commission rate.

Check the box and put the rate and whether it's a percentage or dollar amount.

Now you are ready to use the commission feature.   Assign the employee to service.  This is done when making the appointment.

At the top of the screen, check the boxes for Bath, Groom, Nails, Others and select the employee. 

Scroll down to the bottom of the appointment screen to choose any Other Services and assign the employee.

Next create the invoice.  Click on the '...' button and hit Generate Invoice.

Each item from the appointment will be listed on the invoice.  You can click the edit button to see what employee is assigned.

Please note:  If you assigned the employee to the item on the appointment screen it will automatically populate on the invoice.  If you forgot to assign the employee on the appointment you can assign them through the invoice screen.

Important:  The commission report is based on the invoice and it does not consider whether the invoice has been paid or paid in full.  The commission will be applied on the date of the invoice.

Now you are ready to run the report.  This is under Reports, Revenue, Commissions report.

You can print for any date range, either one employee or all.  If printing for all leave it on Master List.

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