Grooming packages

Grooming packages

You can create Grooming packages and Kennel Connection will count them down.  You can create a package for Groom, Nails, Bath, Other Groom.  For this article, we will create a Nail Trim package.

Click on File, Packages, Grooming pkgs tab.
Click on New Grm Package.
Click the "..." button.
Click the System option at the bottom right.
Choose Nail Trim from the menu.

Enter the code, name (this will show on the invoice), price and how many Nail Trims are in the package.  Hit Save when done.

You can sell a package to the client card or pet card.  When you sell it on the client card, it covers any pet that client has.  When you sell it on the pet record, it covers only that pet.

The way Kennel Connection works is this:  When it's time to take a service off the package, it looks first at the pet's card.  If there is a package there with a service available, it will be deducted here.  If there is no service available on the pet card, it next looks at the client card.  If there is a service available, it will be deducted here.  If there is no service available on the client card, the pet will be charged on the invoice.

Selling a grooming package

Open the client card, click on Packages tab.

Open the pet card, click on Notes, Packages tab.

Click the Add button.  On the invoice that pops up, enter your Quantity (Qty), click on the code field.  Click the arrow that appears. 
All packages in your system will be listed.  Choose the correct one.  You can sell multiple packages at the same time.

Please note:  

Due to programming reasons, you cannot sell a client and pet package on the same invoice.  An invoice will be created for the pet package and a separate invoice will be created for the client package.  However, you can pay both invoices at the same time.

You cannot add other items to this invoice besides packages.  However, if you hit OK and save the invoice, you are able to reopen it and add other items.

You can Take Payment/Pay now or hit OK to save the invoice.


When you look at the client and/or pet card, you will see the package listed with how many services are left.

Adjusting packages

There are four options on this screen.  Add, Mod (Modify), Del (Delete), Reload

Add - Allows you to sell a package to this client or pet
Mod - Allows you to modify the package.  You can adjust the number of services up or down and adjust the expiration date, if you use that.

Del - Allows you to delete the package
Reload - Allows you to reload the same package.

Reload is a shortcut method of selling the same package.  Click on the package to highlight it.  When you hit Reload, it will ask if you want to reload this package.

If you click YES to the prompt, an invoice will popup with the package already listed.

You can hit OK to save, or Take Payment/Pay now.

The package will now be reloaded on the pet/client card.

Expiration dates on packages

You have the option to add an expiration date to any package.  Once the package hits that date, it is no longer valid.  Even if there are services still available, Kennel Connection will not apply them to invoices because the package is expired.

You can adjust the expiration date by hitting the Mod button and adjusting the date.

Using grooming packages

Now you are ready to make an appointment and use the package.

On the appointment screen, click the box for Nails.  The screenshot below is a departure service for a boarding appointment.

For our example, we have Phoebe, with two pets, Bear and Dakota.

Bear has a Nail Trim package on his card with 10 left.

Dakota has no package on his card.

Phoebe has no package on her card.

Both pets were marked for a nail trim.

Bear will have one service deducted from his package.

Since Dakota doesn't have a package on his pet card, Kennel Connection next looks at Phoebe's card.  Since there is no package available, Dakota will be charged for this service on the invoice.

When you look at Bear's card, you will see his package is decreased by 1.

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