Error: There was a problem connecting to the database

Error: There was a problem connecting to the database

Error: There was a problem connecting to the database/SQL is Offline/KC won't open.

Error "There was a problem connecting to the database. Do you want to try restarting the service?"

Symptom:  You are getting the error "There was a problem connecting to the database.  Do you want to try restarting the service?"

Cause 1:  If the error is happening on the server/main computer, it means that SQL has stopped running.

Remedy 1a:  Right click on the KC7 icon on your desktop and click on Run as Administrator.  Click Yes to starting the service.  If it starts, Kennel Connection should also start.

Problem connecting

Remedy 1b:  Try to start SQL through the Task Manager.

You can click on CTRL, ALT, DEL buttons on your keyboard to open it and then choose task manager or you can right click on the Start/Windows button at the bottom left of your screen and click on Task Manager.

SQL stopped

Once the Task Manager is open, it may not show all details.  If you see "More Details" in the lower left, click on it to expand the Task Manager.

SQL stopped

Under More Details, there will be a series of tabs along the top of the Task Manager.  One the furthest right, there should be a tab called Services.  Click this to show a list of available services in Windows.

For most instances of SQL Server, the name will be MSSQLSERVER.  For KC7 users who were not previously on SQL Server before upgrading, the service will most likely be called MSSQL$WKENNEL or similar.

SQL stopped

If you look at the right of the Status column, it should show as Running.  If it shows as Stopped, this is what is preventing Kennel Connection from opening.  Right click MSSQLSERVER or MSSQL$WKENNEL or whichever it may be called and click on Start.

SQL stopped

Once the status shows as Running, close the Task Manager and open Kennel Connection.

Please note:  If the service does not show as running or brings up an error that the service cannot be started, this means something on the computer is preventing SQL from going to a running state and you will need a local technician to address the issue.  Try rebooting first. 

Remedy 1c:  On the server:

Windows 7:  Click Start, Search.  Type in Services.msc and press Enter.

Windows 8/10:  Press the Windows key + S key to bring up the search field and type in Services.msc and press Enter.

Restarting SQL

It may take a minute or two for the services window to open.  Once opened, press the letter S on your keyboard to jump to the S section to find the SQL Services.  Locate SQL Server (MSSQLEXPRESS) or (WKENNEL) or whichever you have the instance named.  Disregard any other SQL service even if they say disabled.

Restarting SQL

Right click on the SQL Server (MSSQLEXPRESS) or (WKENNEL) or whichever you have the instanced named and choose Start.  This will now attempt to start the SQL server.

Restarting SQL

If the server is able to start, you should be able to open Kennel Connection.  If the SQL Server is unable to start, there is an issue with Windows or the SQL server install.  You will need to contact a computer or SQL server technician to diagnose and resolve the issue. Try rebooting first. 

Cause 2:  If this error is only happening on the workstations and KC opens on the server, it means either the workstations have fallen off the network or you need to put in exclusions in your firewall.

Remedy 2a:  To see if the computer is still on the network:

For Windows 7:  Click on Start, Computer/My Computer.  

For Windows 8/10:  Click on the Windows button, File Explorer.  Click on This PC.

All of your drives should be listed, including your KC7 network drive.  There may be a red X on it.

Double click on the network drive to see if it will open.  If it does, you should be able to open Kennel Connection.

If the network drive gives an error when you double click on it or is missing altogether, you will need a network technician to assist.  We only support Kennel Connection and are unable to assist with network issues.

Remedy 2b:  KC7 needs to be excluded from the firewalls.  Click here for instructions.