Error 429, active X component cannot open object after installing KC on a new computer

Error 429, active X component can't open object after installing KC on a new computer

This is a Windows issue.  It means that something on the computer is preventing the active X component needed by the software from registering properly.  Without that component, Kennel Connection cannot function.  

Please note:  This is not being caused by Kennel Connection.

Remedy:  Only a few clients have reported this issue.  We have some steps below you can try, but none of those clients have been able to get past this error.  Nothing else we have found in hours of troubleshooting has solved the issue.  If the steps below do not resolve the issue, you will need to install Kennel Connection on a different computer.

Important:  If you have a database on this computer, it is vital that you backup the database and pictures/documents/receipts folders using our Backup/Restore Utility before proceeding.  If you uninstall the program without backing up first, you will lose your entire database.  Click here for directions on backing up Kennel Connection 6. 

  • Click on Start, Control Panel.  Click on either Add/Remove Programs or Programs & Features.
  • Once the list of programs installed populates, locate Kennel Connection and uninstall it.
  • Close the Control Panel.
  • Click on Start, Search.
  • Type in MSCONFIG and press enter.
  • In the MSCONFIG window, click on the 'Startup' tab.
  • At the bottom of the startup window, there is a 'Disable All' button.  Click on this.
  • Click Apply and OK.
  • Reboot your computer.
  • After your computer has rebooted, you will need to reinstall Kennel Connection 6.  If you do not have the full installation and update files, you can purchase with this link.
  • Make sure it installs to C:\KC6 folder and not in Program Files.
  • Once it is installed, try opening Kennel Connection from the desktop icon.