Error 429, active x component can't create objects, when creating invoices and receipts

Error 429, active x component can't create object, when creating invoices or receipts

This error occurs when you have the QuickBooks DirectLink set for automatic sync but QuickBooks is not installed on this computer.

QuickBooks needs to be installed on every computer on your network if you are going to set it to automatic sync.  You don't need the company file on each machine, but QuickBooks has to be installed because the sync requires components of QuickBooks to function.

You can opt to disable the automatic sync and do a manual sync at the end of the day.  With this option, QuickBooks only needs to be installed on the computer with the database.

Click on File, Business Info, QuickBooks DirectLink tab.

Check the box for "Disable QuickBooks DirectLink".

Error 429

To do a manual sync, click on Utililtes, QuickBooks DirectSync.