Editable service grids on feedings, medications and exercises

Editable service grids for feedings, medications, exercises

You have two options when adding feedings, medications and exercises to appointments.  You can set Kennel Connection to allow employees to type in these services or you can set the program to only allow them to choose services that have been previously setup in Lists.

The downside to letting employees type in services is if the service is not spelled exactly the same way each time, KC will make a separate entry in Lists for each time it is spelled differently.  You could potentially end up with a list with multiple entries of the same services.

Enable editable grids

Enable editable grids

Click on File, System Options, Global tab.

To let employees type in the services on the appointment screen, click the box for "Enable editable service grids on bookings".

Enable editable grids

To require that employees only use what you have entered in Lists, leave the box unchecked.

On the appointment screen, there will be Add, Modify, Delete buttons.  Employees will need to click the Add button and choose the service from the drop down.

Enable editable grids

Enable editable grids

You can also restrict your employees' access to Lists by setting the appropriate access rights in the Employee setup.  Click here for instructions.

Please note:  Lite users do not have access to Employees.  If you would like to upgrade to the Standard version, contact Sales at Sales@SoftwareConnectionLLC.com or 1-888-486-4343 x option 1.

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