Employee schedule

Employee schedules

You can set up employee schedules and Kennel Connection will give a popup warnings if you try to make an appointment for that employee outside of their schedule.  Applies to the grooming module only.

**If you're using the new OLR system and are using any of the groomer schedule options for groom bookings, this will need to be completed prior to those options functioning. 

Please note:  Lite users do not have access to Employees.  If you would like to upgrade to the Standard version, contact Sales at Sales@SoftwareConnectionLLC.com or 1-888-486-4343 option 1.

If you have not yet added employees to Kennel Connection desktop, you must do that first.  Click here for directions.  (If you're adding groomers, be sure to set them as such (groomer, bather, nails, Other)

Once you have your employees added properly and setup in KC, you can then add their schedules:

Click on File, Employees, schedule tab. 

Click on the employee and add their hours.  Hit Save when done. (If you do not use second shift, leave blank.)

Employee schedule

Employee schedule

**TIP: If you enter in a weeks worth of hours and want to copy it to future weeks, click on the most recent week in the schedule list, and then click "Copy" (It's important that you click on the most recent period ending before clicking copy. If you don't the next week it schedules for will be old dates.)

Choose YES.

It will automatically jump to the next week based off of the period ending you have selected. Click OK to copy the hours from the selected week to the next week. 

You can see it created the same schedule for the next week of 11/28/2020:

You must do this for each groomer. 

If the employee is a groomer, for example, and you try to book a groom appointment outside of their schedule hours, you will get the popup message.

Employee schedule

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