Designing your own Client Portal page

Designing your own Client Portal page

When it comes to your Client Portal, it needs to be exactly that. YOUR client portal. Even though this is a link to an external website, there's no reason you can't make it your own. Here you can design your own Client Portal/Online Reservations page. You can change layout, fonts, colors, logos and more, or just use our defaults to get started right away! A live preview appears on the right as you make your changes. Alternatively you can click the "Preview changes" button to open a new tab and view your custom design in a full browser tab. 

TIP!: For quick previews we recommend clicking the "Preview changes" button and then leaving that tab open. You can make your changes and go back to that tab and refresh to always see  full browser preview. 

Using your already existing website to work with Client Portal

The very first option you'll see is "Use External Page". If you want your Client Portal/OLR website to pull your own business web page, you can choose this option and enter the URL of your business web page. 


Since is our main business page, we wanted our Client Portal/OLR to have the same look, feel and options so we entered our URL in the source link. 

Now when customers login to your Client Portal/OLR web page, they will see more familiar web page info (your own) and depending on how your own site is designed, they even have access to your own business pages menus and buttons!

All those menu items and buttons in the above screen shot are being pulled from but are available in the Client Portal/OLR site! 

Please note that when using the above option, it really relies on a proper design of your own business website. If it does not look or feel right, you will need to contact your own web designer to see if they can create a custom page you could use for this purpose. 

Alternatively, you can easily customize your own page using the settings below!

Designing your own Client Portal/OLR site

The design wizard below makes it ever so simple to create a beautiful Client Portal page for your customers. You can have a fully customized Client Portal page in minutes!

Note that clicking the "customize" icon when displayed, will allow you to choose custom font, font size, and color. 

Here is some explanation of the options: 

Header image: This is the header banner of your page. A few presets are provided for you. 

Logo Images: These are for your business logos and you can have one on the left, right or both sides. 

Header text: The header text is the main text of the page. Normally used to welcome your customers. 

Header Information Text: This is the text you can use to add your business slogan or anything you want!

Links: Links allow you to place text on your page and link them to other websites. You can add up to three links. The example below has Link 1 and Link 2 in use. Link 1 takes you to the businesses home page while link 2 takes you to the business Facebook page. The choices are yours!

Welcome Text: Here you can add in a welcome message or any text you would like.

Promo Card: Promo cards are where you can advertise specials/promos you currently have going. Add a catchy title, text, and include a button that can link you to a custom web page you may have setup for the promo!

Background Image: This option if enabled lets you choose an image to cover the background of your page. Please note that if you wish to have your background fill the entire screen, you must choose a large enough image with a high resolution like 1920x1080. Otherwise if the image resolution or size is too small, it will automatically be set as a tiled background. A few presets are provided for you. 

Background Color: This option will set the background of your Client Portal and login screen the the color you choose. Please note that it cannot be used in conjunction with background image. It's either or. 

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