Daycare packages

Daycare packages

You can sell daycare packages to both the clients and his pets.  Depending on your settings, KC will deduct a day at check in or check out.

Step 1:  Set your parameters.

Click on File, System Options, Daycare tab.

If you only going to use Full day packages, set it to Decrement package at check in.  This means a day is deducted from the package as soon as you check him in.

If you are going to use both Full day and Half day packages, it must be set to Decrement package at Checkout.  When you check the pet out, KC will calculate how long the pet is there for and, depending on what your half day definition is, will take a day from the full or half day package.

If you are going to use half day packages, check the box for 'Enable half day packages'.

If you want to allow the package to go negative, check the box for 'Allow negative values for package days'.

Daycare packages

Please note:  Packages will not go negative if they have expiration date.  You will need to choose which you want to use:  Expiration dates or allow packages to go negative.  You cannot do both.

When you check the the pet in/out, you will get a popup asking if you want the package to go negative.  If you hit Yes, it will count down on the schedule. 

Daycare packages

If you hit No, you need to create an invoice because this pet now owes you for the daycare stay.  If you do not create an invoice, you are creating Uninvoiced Bookings.  These are appointments that you checked the pet in/out for but you never got payment, either by a day coming off the package or creating an invoice. 

This daycare stay will appear on the next invoice and will continue to do so until you take payment.  

If you need to clear an old daycare stay, like these from last year, allow it to stay on the invoice and change the Each column to $0.  Once you save the invoice, this stay has now been invoiced and will no longer appear on future appointments.

Daycare packages

You can check your database for uninvoiced bookings by clicking on Reports, Revenue, Uninvoiced Bookings.

Daycare packages

Check the box for 'Adjust in/out time on pet check in/out'.  This will allow KC to record the actual time of check in/out to calculate the amount of time the pet was in daycare.

If you have 'Enable half day packages' checked, then you will be able to enter your Half-Day Package Definition.  It needs to be either a number of hours or checkout before a certain time.  There is no wiggle room here.  If you put less than or equal to 5 hours, if a pet stays for 5 hours and 1 minute, that is a full day.

If you want to allow KC to take a half day from the full day package, check the box for 'Apply Full Package days (if any) when there are no Half day packages'.  Let's say your pet only has 5 full days left but he comes for half a day of daycare.  With this option enabled, his 5 day package will go down to 4.5.

Please note:  It does not work in reverse.  KC will not take 2 half days to make up for a full day of daycare.

The Daycare schedule will show a Pet Left and Client Left column.  To enable these, click the Left box and Client Pkg boxes for Show on Schedule.

Hit Apply/Ok when done.

Daycare packages

Step 2:  Setup Daycare packages.

Click on File, Packages, Daycare packages tab.

Hit New Package.

Enter the code (choose a code that you will recognize when choosing it on an invoice), name, cost, number of days, if this is a half day package (this box will only be visible if you have 'Enable half day packages' turned on in System Options), and an expiration date if needed.  If you enter an expiration date, once the package hits that date, it is no longer valid even if it still has days available.  Hit Save when done. 

Daycare packages

You can enter as many packages as you would like.  Packages that you enter through this screen are also added to your Inventory, where you can adjust the commission-able status and tax rate if needed. 

IMPORTANT:  You must setup packages in File, Packages.  This is where KC pulls the package information and the only way it will work properly.  If you enter packages into Inventory, the Daycare Package feature will NOT work.

Please note:  Lite users do not have access to Inventory.  If you would like to upgrade to the Standard version, contact or 1-888-486-4343 option 1.

Step 3:  Sell a package to a client or pet.

If you have security enabled in KC, you will need to give your employees access rights to adjust packages. 

This includes being able to add, modify, delete or reload a package.

Click on File, Employees, Access Rights.

Click on each employee, check the boxes for 'Adj client pkg days' and 'Adj pet pkg days'.  Hit Save when done.  Do this for each employee as needed.

Daycare packages

IMPORTANT:  Packages must be sold in 1 of 3 places in order for the packages to count down:  On the client card, on the pet card, or through the Daycare appointment screen.  Packages sold in any other manner/screen will NOT count down.

Client packages

When you sell a package to the client card, the package will cover all pets that client has.  If they bring in 5 pets for daycare, 5 days will come off the package.

Open the client card, Packages tab.

Daycare packages

Hit Add.  An invoice will appear on the screen.  Click in the code field and choose the package.  You can sell multiple packages on the same invoice.  You can either take payment now or hit OK to save the invoice. After you save the invoice, the packages will appear on the client card.

Daycare packages

If you need to modify the number of package days or add an expiration date, click on the package to choose it and hit the Modify button.

Please note:  You cannot modify a package to have more days than was originally purchased.  So you cannot modify a 10 day package to have more than 10 days.

Daycare packages

If you need to delete a package, click on the package to choose it and hit the Delete button.

The Reload button is a shortcut method to selling the same package to the client.  When you hit Add, KC creates a new entry for each package.  This can result in dozens/hundreds of packages being on the client card.  The Reload option loads the same package so there is only one entry.

Daycare packages

The Reload option should also be used if you allow negative values.  If your client has a package with -2 days on what was originally a 10 day package, when you Reload the package, it will update the count to 8 (10 days minus the 2 days he/she owes you.)

Click the package you want and hit Reload.  A popup will ask if you want to reload the package.

Daycare packages

The invoice will appear with that package already loaded.  You cannot modify or add other packages to the reload invoice.

Daycare packages

Pet packages

Pet Packages cover only that pet.  If a client has two pets, Jasper and Rover and you sell a package to Jasper, it will not count down for Rover and you need to create an invoice.

Open the pet card and click on the Packages tab.

Follow the same steps as listed under Client Packages to add/modify/delete/reload a pet package.

Daycare packages

Step 4:  Sell a package through the daycare appointment screen.

If this is a single pet appointment, you will see buttons for 'Purchase pet package' and 'Purchase client package' on the Appointment tab.  It will also list how many full days and how many half days (if you have 'Enable half day packages' turned on in System Options) the pet and client has.  

Daycare packages

Click on the button and an invoice will appear where you can choose the package(s) to add to this record. When you hit OK to save the invoice, the days will appear on the appointment screen.

If this is a multi-pet appointment, you will see 'Purchase client package' on the General tab.  You will need to click on the Multi-pets tab to see the 'Purchase pet package' button. 

Daycare packages 

You have the option to sell a pet package and have it split between the pets.  When you click to purchase a package, a screen will popup where you can choose which pets to sell the package to.  If you sell a 10 day package to 3 pets, KC will split the package between the pets.  2 pets will end up with 3 days and 1 pet will have 4 days.

Daycare packages

Daycare packages

The daycare schedule has columns for Pet Left and Client Left columns.  This tells you how many package days the pet and client have.  

Please note:  The Client Left column will show the same number of packages days available for each pet.

If you use both half days and full days packages, the columns will show the number of full days, a slash and then the number of half days.  If the pet or client has no package on his card, the column will show --.

In the example below, Snail's owner has -2 full days and 0 half days.  Snail has 2 full days and no half day package.

Sluggo's owner has 5 full days and 3 half days.  Sluggo has 1 full day and 1 half day.

Daycare packages

Step 5:  Options for using package days.

The daycare appointment screen gives you the option to not use a daycare package day for this visit.  Maybe your facility does not charge for daycare stays for Boarding pets.  You can uncheck that box on the appointment screen.  If you uncheck 'Use package day for this visit', then the box for 'Do not charge for visit' is made live so you can uncheck that box if needed.

Daycare packages

You can also setup specific daycare rooms or types to have these boxes set automatically for any appointment put in that room/type in File, Lists, Daycare Rooms/Types.

Daycare packages

Step 6:  Decrement the daycare package

When it comes time to take a day off the package, KC always looks at the pet card first.  If there is a package day there, it will decrement the pet package.  If there is no package day available it will next look at the client card.  If there is a package there, it will decrement the client package.  It will always deduct one day per pet, no matter if it's a client package or a pet package.  KC will decrement the package correctly whether you use client packages, pet packages, or both.

Our client Jessica has 2 full day package days on her client card.

Her pet Ginger has 3 full days on her pet card.

Her pet Lulu has 5 full days on her pet card but the expiration date is from last month.  This is no longer a valid package so it will not show on the schedule as being available.

Her pet Roxie has 1 full day on her pet card.  

Daycare packages

We have system options set to decrement the package at checkout.  These pets were here for 8 hours, so that is a full day.

Ginger will have a day deducted from her pet card so she will have 2 days left.

Lulu's package is expired and is no longer valid.  KC will take a day from Jessica's package so she will have 1 day left.

Roxie will have 1 day taken from her package so she will have 0 days left.

Daycare packages

Another example is Paul.  He has no client packages.

His pet Olive has 4 half days on her pet card.

His pet Telly has 0 half day on his pet card that has an expiration date in the future.

His pet Wally has 2 full days on his pet card.

Daycare packages

Our half day definition is less than or equal to 5 hours, we allow negative packages and we have 'Apply full days when there are no half days' enabled.  These pets were checked in/out within 3 hours.

Telly has a half day package at 0 days but since the package has an expiration date, KC will not ask to take the package negative.  Telly will be invoiced for his day of daycare.

Daycare packages

KC will take a half day from Wally's full day package, so it will go down to 1.5.

Olive's half day package will go down to 3 days.

Daycare packages

Step 7:  Daycare package reports.

You can track package expiration dates, how many package days are left and when a pet or client uses a package.  If you leave the daycare schedule open, it will only be pets/client on the schedule for today.  If you leave the daycare schedule closed, it will be all pets/clients in your database.

Reports, Daycare, Daycare Days Used Listing tells you which pets/client have used a package day for a specified date range.  

Daycare packages

Reports, Daycare, Daycare Client Package Expiration tells you which client packages are expiring during a specified date range.

Daycare packages

Reports, Daycare, Daycare Package Days Left tells you how many full or half package days a client or pet has left.

Daycare packages

Reports, Daycare, Daycare Pet Package Expiration tells you which pet packages are expiring during a specified date range.

Daycare packages

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