Configuring Client Portal registration & OLR settings

Configuring Client Portal registration & OLR settings

Client Portal/OLR gives you options to configure how you'll allow your clients to register and create appointments. You'll want to view and set any necessary settings for your business before deploying the Client Portal. 

From the Live Access side, click on Online Reservations. Then choose "Use & Registration" and you'll see the Online Reservation Settings page displayed on the right. 

These are general/main settings and should be configured before use of OLR.

  • The Use OLR module setting enables or disables OLR for that module. 

  • Existing client settings "Require approval" will make it so existing client signups to the new OLR system will have to be manually reviewed and approved before activated. 

  • "Allow existing clients to register with the correct combo of name plus phone or email that matches an existing client" will allow your users to signup and based on matching of fields to existing fields already in your database/client cards, it will link them to their already existing account and they can begin making reservations without approval.
    • If they are NOT matched, you can allow them to register as a new client (note that if they are already in your system with different information, they will now be there twice.)

    • OR you can use the "Tell them to call you" option which if they know they are an existing client but cannot be matched to their record, it will tell them to call your business rather than allowing them to signup as a new client. . 

  • The "Generate link for client" option allows you to choose an existing client from your database, click generate link and then copy and paste that link into an email to that client. This helps if the client is struggling to signup on their own.

  • The "Allow new clients to register for themselves" option will do just that. Anyone can go to your page, click the register link and signup. Using the "require" approval option will make it so new client signups to the new OLR system will have to be manually reviewed and approved before activated. 

  • The Client Page settings "Hide the documents tab on the client's page" will remove the "documents" tab on the customers Client Portal dashboard. This will make it so they cannot upload documents to the system from their dashboard.

  • The "Allow clients to make appointments" option if checked will allow clients to make OLR appointments. If unchecked, they will not be able to. 

If you're looking for information on how to on-board your customers to Client Portal, please visit this link: Onboarding your customers to Client Portal/OLR

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