Cloud - Recurring daycare appointments

Cloud - Recurring daycare appointments

You can create recurring daycare appointments at one time instead of having to enter them one at a time.

You are only allowed to have one recurring set at a time.  If you try to add another set, it will delete the current set (future appointments) and replace them with the new appointments.

Recurring appointments are appointments that are on the same days of the week, for example every Tuesday and Thursday.

If you have pets who come Monday/Wednesday one week and Tuesday/Thursday the next week, you'll need to make a recurring appointment for Monday/Wednesday and create single appointments for Tuesday and Thursdays.

On the appointment screen, click on the Recur Options button.

In our example, the pet comes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

BGNO is Bath, Groom, Nails and Other Groom.  Our pet needs to get an Other Groom service on Mondays so we checked that box.

For our pet, the Wednesday appointment is a Half day so we check that box.

We made the appointment for every week for 6 months.

When you hit OK to make the appointment you will get this prompt.  Hit YES to create the appointment and delete any future appointments to be replaced with this set or cancel to skip making the recurring appointments.

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