Cloud - Making clients/pets inactive

Cloud - Making clients/pets inactive

When you make a client inactive, the client no longer displays on the client explorer active list.
When you make a pet inactive, it will not show when making appointments but you can still view the pet on the client card.

To make a client inactive, go into the client card, hit Edit.  Scroll to the bottom and check the box for Inactive.  Make sure to hit Save.

To make a pet inactive, go to the pet card and hit Edit.  Check the Inactive box.  Hit Save.

The pet will now display like this.  He doesn't show on the client explorer so you are unable to make appointments for that pet, but you can see the pet on the client card and make active again if needed.

To view your inactive clients, click on the Gear on the Client Explorer.

Click the box for Inactive Clients and hit Save.

The client explorer will now show the list of inactive clients.

To get back to your active list, click the Gear and uncheck the box for Inactive clients.  Hit Save.

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