Cloud - Groom notes

Cloud - Groom notes

Groom notes let you track important groom information for the pet.

Open the pet card.  Click on the Grooming tab.  Groom notes are the default notes for this pet and will display on every appointment.

On the appointment screen there is an Instructions box.  These are the instructions for this specific appointment.

There is a Grooming Notes box.  These are the default notes from the pet card.

There is also a History button so you can see all past appointment instructions.  You can also see the rates from these appointments.  Click the box to add these instructions into the current one.

You can also print the groom notes history for all pets on the schedule by clicking on Grooming, Reports, Groom History for all.

Departure services also lets you Get Groom Notes (default notes from the pet card) and see the History.

If you would like the employee's name and date to show in the groom notes, go to File, System Options, Grooming tab.  Check the box for "Put check in date in pet card's groom notes".

When you check a pet in, that information gets added to the Groom Notes on the Pet card.

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