Cloud - Boarding packages

Cloud - Boarding packages

You can create a boarding package and KC will count it down.

Creating packages

Click on Setup, Packages, Boarding Packages.

Click on New Item to begin.

Enter the code, name (this will show on the invoice), Cost and how many days/nights are in the package. Hit Save when done.

You can enter as many boarding packages as you want.

In order for KC to count the package down, you cannot create an invoice and add a package.  It must be sold either through the pet card, the client card, or the appointment screen.

KC has the option for pet packages and client packages.  A pet package covers only that pet.  A client package covers any pet that client has.

When it is time to take a day off the package, KC always looks at the pet card first.  If there is a package day there, it will deduct it.  If there is no day on the pet card, it next looks at the client card to see if there is a day there.

How to sell a package


Open the pet card.  Click on the Packages tab.  Hit Add Packages.

All package options will be listed.  Choose the right package from the drop down now.  Hit Next.

This will take you into the invoice.  You can click Save Invoice and pay to pay this now or click Save to pay at a later date.  Click here to learn about taking payments.

Because KC has to attach the package to the pet and/or client card, you cannot put anything on the invoice besides packages.  However, once you hit OK to save the invoice, you can open it later and add other items.

Once you save the invoice, you will see the package on the pet card with the number of days left.


Do the same steps as Pets but through the Client card.

Through the appointment screen

On the left panel the Client package info.  This client has 10 package days (circled in Yellow).
On the right panel is the Pet package info.  You click between the pets to see their individual package status.
Circled in red is Lilith and she has no packages.
Then you will click on Frances (circled in blue) to see her package status.

Click the Purchase button.  Because you are in a boarding appointment screen, you will only be able to see and choose Boarding packages.

Adjusting packages

If you need to adjust a package, you must do this on the pet or client card.

There are three options on this screen.  Modify, Delete, Reload

Modify - Allows you to modify the package.  You can adjust the number of days and enter an expiration date.  

Please note:  You are not able to adjust the package to more days than was in the original package.  So if your client buys a 10 day package, you will not be able to modify the package to more than 10 days.

Delete - Allows you to delete the package.

Reload - Allows you to reload the package.  This will be explained later in this article.

Expiration dates on packages

You can add expiration days to the package.  Once the package hits that date, it is no longer a valid package even if there are days available.

Using the boarding package

Now you are ready to make an appointment and use the package.  First, click on Setup, System Options, Boarding.  Check the boxes for 'Pet Pkg Days Left' and 'Client Pkg Days Left' so they will display on the schedule.  Hit Save.

Make a boarding appointment for the pet.  You will see the package days available on the schedule.

In this example, Ferret has 7 package days on his pet card that will used only for his appointment.  His package cannot be used for Harry.
The client Aaron has 15 package days that can be used for both Ferret and Harry.
KC will use all the package days on Ferret's card first before it will use Aaron's package days for Ferret.

KC always deducts one package day per pet, no matter if it is a pet package or a client package.  If a client brings 3 dogs, his client package will go from 10 to 7, one day for each pet.

In order for Boarding packages to count down, you must create the invoice.  If you undo the checkout, the package days will not be added back to the pet/client cards.  You must delete the invoice for the days to be put back.

For our example, we have Jennifer with two pets, Sluggo and Dakota.

  • Dakota has a Boarding package on his pet card with 10 days left.
  • Suggo has no Boarding package on his pet card.
  • Jennifer has a Boarding package on her client card with 3 days left.
  • Both pets were booked for a 5 day stay.

Dakota will have 5 days deducted from his package.

Since Sluggo has no package, KC next looks at Jennifer's card.  3 days will be deducted from the package. 

Since there are no more package days available, Sluggo will be charged for 2 days on the invoice.

Boarding packages

Allowing negative values for boarding packages

You have the option to allow the boarding package to go negative.  Instead of having to pay the invoice now, KC will deduct a day from the next package they buy.

Click on File, System Options, Boarding tab.  Check the box to 'Allow negative values for Boarding Package days'.

If your pet has only 1 day left and comes for three days, when you create the invoice, KC will ask if you want to allow the package to go negative.

Boarding packages

If you hit YES to the prompt, there will be no charge for Boarding on the invoice and it will be paid with by the package.

The pet card will now show -2 for the boarding package.

If you hit NO to the prompt, the invoice will show one day of boarding being covered by the package and a charge for the other two days.

Reloading packages

On the packages tab of the client and pet card, there is a button called Reload.  This allows you to reload the same package.

Click on the package to highlight it.  Hit Reload Package.  Say YES to the prompt.

An invoice will have the package already filled in.  You can either pay the invoice now or save it to pay later.

Please note:  When using the Reload option, you are not able to choose a different package on the invoice.

Packages with negative values and the Reload option

When you have packages will negative values, you must use the Reload option to get rid of the negative value.

For our pet, he has a package with -2 days.  When you reload the package, KC deducts 2 days from the 5 day package and now he has 3 days left.

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