Cloud - Advanced groom services

Cloud - Advanced groom services

Advanced groom services lets you have multiple different types of Bath, Groom, Nails and Other Groom services.  You are able to add them as the primary service to the appointment instead of as an add-on Other Service.  The name will display on the schedules.  You can also set their own category for the sales report and setup commissions.  

Click on Setup, System Options, Global tab and check the box to Enable Advanced Services.  Click Save.

Next, click on Setup, Lists, Other Services.  Click here to learn how to add Other Services, set its own category and set commission rates.

To set it as an advanced service, choose the module (Grooming) and the Bound to type.  The Bound to type tells the system how to designate it on the schedule and reports.  For example, if you have Bath long haired dogs, you can bind it to Bath.  If you have Anal glands, you can bound it to Other Groom.  You can also add staff instructions here and default duration (the length of the appointment).  Be sure to hit Save.

You are able to setup an unlimited list of service options.  An example list may be:
Anal glands
Bath - short hair dog
Bath - medium hair dog
Bath - long hair dog
Bath with Board appt
Bath with Daycare appt
Full groom with anal glands, nail trim, ears plucked/cleaned
Sanitary Trim
Face, feet, fanny trim
Flea and tick treatment

Please note:  This list will include the system default services Bath, Groom, Nail trim and Other Groom.  You are not able to change the Bound to for these services.

Choosing the Grooming module allows it to show as the primary service on the appointment.
Choosing the Bound to service adds it to that count on the schedule and reports.

Now you are ready to use them on appointments.

Grooming appointment - Click on Choose.

For Board and Daycare appointments, go to Departure Services and click Choose.

The next screen will show all of your services that you have assigned to the Groom module.  You can choose multiple services, assign the employee, adjust rate and duration as needed.

Hit OK and now you can see those services on the appointment.

You will see the service detail on the Dashboard.

On the groom schedule.

On the groom calendar.

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