CC processing error 5008 Terminal not active

CC processing error 5008 Terminal not active

Tenerum Processing only. 

If you're using integrated CC processing with Kennel Connection and you receive a 5008: Terminal not active error when trying to process payment ore retrieve stored CC data, it means your device ID is incorrect or a recent change did not take effect. 

Important: Make sure your Internet connection is working properly as without Internet connection, no transactions will run. 

Option 1. Power cycle your device.

    1. unplug the power cord (AC adapter)

    2. while power is still unplugged, unplug the Ethernet Cable (Internet cable) from the CC device.

    3. Wait 30 seconds. 

    4. plug the Ethernet cable (Internet cable) back in only. 

    5. Wait 30 seconds. 

    6. Plug the power cable (AC adapter) back in and let it boot back up until it shows "Ready". 

Power cycle has finished. Please try processing another card. 

If still failing with same error, proceed to Option 2 below. 


Option 2. Re-add the device. 

Enter the device ID of the chip reader in question. (NOTE: If you have only ONE device, the ID should always be 2. If you have more than one device they should always start at #2 and go up from there.)

Go in KC to File, Lists, Tenerum devices. 

Choose "new device"

Enter your device ID and create a friendly name so you'll know which device this is. Click Save. (Delete the old non-working device so you don't have multiple of the same.)

Now you must choose this device for KC (On this computer) to access. Close out of File, Lists and open File, System Options. Go to the "Local" tab. Locate the "Credit Card Device" drop down and choose the appropriate device for this computer. Then click Apply and OK. 

Now when you process from this machine, the device should light up and you should not receive any further error.

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