Hello-Groom - Business Info

Hello-Groom - Business Info

The Hello-Groom business info section allows you to add important business info such as address and tax settings, operating hours, email settings and more. 

Navigate to the setup menu item and choose Business Info. 

Business Info Tab

The first tab contains your business name. (Cannot be changed by you. Must contact support), address, tax settings and a space for your web address. 

Operating Hours Tab

On the operating hours tab, you can enforce business hours. Note that with this option enabled, you must add in/out times to your appointments and if the time is outside of the business hours, you'll receive a message and will not be able to book for that time slot. 

Email Tab

The email tab allows you to enter your own email providers settings. What this does is it allows Hello-Groom to send emails to your clients using your own email address and your email providers email server. Please note that it is up to you to locate the proper settings for your email provider and if the settings are not working, you must contact your email provider for support. Hello-Groom/Kennel Connection support will attempt to assist you with this but cannot guarantee a resolution. 

Once your email settings are entered, you can click the "Test email settings" button. If you entered your settings correctly AND they are the correct settings for your email provider, the test will succeed and send a test message to your inbox. If it fails, it will display an error log. This error log comes directly from your email providers server and not Hello-Groom. While our support can analyze the error for you and provide you info, we may not be able to correct it. 

When you have your email settings working, you can choose to copy additional email addresses on all emails sent from Hello-Groom, you can set the "CC box" as checked for all email functions. (This will make it so any email that goes out from Hello-Groom, copies the email addresses you have entered. 

Auto process appointment reminders enables the reminder system for Hello-Groom. This will send out the appointment reminders based on the # of days you have set below. 

Date last run shows the last date that appointment reminders were sent. 

Use default email program when sending emails from client card will open your computers default email application when you send an email from a client card (Outlook or Windows Mail etc.)

Reply to email address is if you want to have your clients reply to a different email address than the one used in the username field of your email settings. For example, in the image above, it shows the username as kennelconnectionemailtest@gmail.com. Emails from Hello-Groom will come from that address, but I want all replies to Hello-Groom emails going to info@ronspetboarding.com so I would enter info@ronspetboarding.com into the reply to email address field. 

The Grooming section for emails allows you to customize what you want sent out for certain actions including what info you want included in the confirmation emails. You may enable these options or leave them disabled. 

**Please note that if you are using the SMS messaging add-on and have the automated SMS notifications enabled for many of the above, your clients will receive both text messages AND emails.

Bank Accounts Tab

This allows you to enter your bank account info: 

Credit Cards Tab

This tab allows you to view your CC processing info. The core settings for your processing account cannot be modified but you can choose to print receipts from your Clover device if you have one. 

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