Boarding - Charge by run rate

Boarding - Charge by run rate

When you book pets into multiple runs for their boarding stays, you have two options when it comes to charging for those runs.

One is to charge by the run rate.  If you choose this option, KC will charge for each run's rate and there will be a separate line item on the invoice for each run.

The second is to not charge by run rate.  KC will charge for the first run's rate for the entire stay.  The invoice will only have one line item for the boarding charge.

To set your option, click on File, System Options, Boarding tab.

For our appointment, our pet is staying in 5 different runs, each with different rates.

If we have 'Charge by run rate' checked, each run will be listed on the invoice with its individual rate.

If we have 'Charge by run rate' unchecked, KC will charge the rate for the first run the pet is in for the entire stay.

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