Additional Fee Settings

Additional Fee Settings

The information below will walk you through the steps of changing the “Additional Fee” name to something different. Please note by default, when the update is installed, it will change to “Admin Fee”.

Adjusting Your Kennel Connection Desktop Additional Fee Name:

Click here to watch a quick video that walks you through the below steps.


Inside your Kennel Connection Desktop software, click File, System Options. (You may or may not have to login here.)


 Inside System Option, click on the Invoice ribbon.

Inside Invoice’s, on the bottom right, find the “Fee Name” drop down. By default, it will be set as “Admin Fee”. You may leave that or choose another from the list.

Once you choose the name, click OK. This name will now be applied in all locations where this fee is displayed.


Here are some examples of where this name/fee will display in Kennel Connection Desktop:

Clover screen:

Take payment screen:



 On the KC receipts:

On the accounting/receipts window:



Live Access, Online Reservation & Text-To-Pay users please note that this same update has been applied to the online system already. If you have not already, please contact support to install the desktop update to allow both systems to match.

Here are some screen shots of how it will now display in the online side of the software:

Online Reservation deposit screen:


Text-To-Pay – choose card/view invoice:

Text-To-Pay – confirm payment:


Please email or call Client Support with any questions. or 888-486-4343 option #2.

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