Hello-Groom - Adding Employees

Hello-Groom Adding Employees

Adding employees in Hello-Groom is easy! Simply login to your Hello-Groom account and click on the Setup menu on the left. Choose Employees. Note that if you have the "use administrative login" system option enabled, it will check for access rights to these settings and ask you to login.

Once you're in the employees' section, you can either select an employee to modify OR add new. 

On the general tab, you can add the employee info: 

On the access rights tab you can choose to give access or deny access to certain modules: 

On the timecard tab, you can view employees punches, adjust punches, add missed punches or other. 

On the payroll tab, you can setup their type (commission, salary, flat rate or hour), set their rate and more. 

On the commission tab, you can setup their commission rates for certain system services, products and other services. 

The schedule tab allows you to view & enter your employees schedules: 

The notes tab allows you to enter employee specific notes. 

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